BJP OBC Morcha holds Nukkad Meeting in Jammu Border, Initiates door to door campaign in Nougrah Panchayat, Jammu Border

JAMMU, 21 April 2024: Sunil Prajapati, State President BJP OBC Morcha said that people have been eagerly waiting to make Narendra Modi Prime Minister once again for the 3rd consecutive term as the ‘Modi Wave’ has become more intense this time after repealing of Art 370, construction of Ram Temple and BJP’s crusade against corruption.

While intensifying door to door campaign in the Jammu Border constituency here, Prajapati maintained that he has observed during his recent public interactions and rallies about people enthusiastically waiting for the polling days to exercise their right to franchise and bring back their favourite leader Narendra Modi to power.

Sunil Prajapati said that the Modi Wave has turned stronger than the last two elections after PM Modi paved the way for the repealing of Art 370, construction of the Ram Temple and carried out a decisive war against the rampant corruption prevailing under the patronage of parties which ruled the country before BJP came to power in 2014. He however said that the scenario in J&K is crystal clear because massive crowds and gatherings are following the party leadership whether it is nomination filing event or public rallies; the situation is foretelling devastating defeats of the opposition parties in both Jammu and Kashmir regions.

The senior BJP leader reiterated that people have decided to offer clean sweep conditions for the BJP as Congress and other regional parties in J&K seem to have conceded defeat before the largest political party in the world as their workers have gone into hibernation with complete absence of zeal and zest.

“The affection for Modi ji has become so much that leaders of opposition parties must have been fearing that their workers might ditch them by voting in favour of BJP”, he added. Prominent among those who were present during the campaigning include Ashok Verma (Secretary OBC Morcha), Kuldeep Sodi (General Secretary OBC Morcha Jammu Border) and other local BJP Leaders.