Bebe Rexha rushed off stage after being hit in head with phone by fan

Washington [US], June 20 (ANI): American singer Bebe Rexha was rushed off stage at a concert in New York on Sunday after a phone struck her in the head, Variety reported.

Bebe posted a string of pictures on her Instagram, where she was seen giving a thumbs-up while sporting a massive welt on her left eye and bandages covering several stitches along her brow.

Rexha, captioned the photo, “I’m good.”

Rexha shared a second photo without her bandages, revealing a pink gash across her eyelid,

According to New York police, 27-year-old Nicolas Malvagna was arrested and charged with assault after allegedly throwing the phone at Rexha.

A fan, Alex Chavez posted a disturbing video on his Twitter handle where a phone emerged from the crowd and struck Rexha in the face, causing her to collapse on her knees to the stage floor. Crew members can be seen racing out to assist her.

As part of her ‘Best F’n Night of My Life’ tour, Rexha performed on the Rooftop of Pier 17 in New York. The assault was reported to New York Police, and a preliminary investigation determined that a 27-year-old male intentionally threw a cell phone at Rexha. He was arrested on the spot while EMS transported Rexha to the hospital. She is in good health.

Rexha was nominated for a Grammy Award in the new artist category in 2018. “I’m Good (Blue),” a collaboration with David Guetta and one of Rexha’s biggest hits, was included on her new album “Bebe” earlier this year.

“There’s nothing like playing songs live, especially songs like these,” Bebe said in an interview with Variety. “It’s a special connection when you’re there and you’re feeling the energy that radiates off the fans… and because it’s been six years, I believe that will be extremely important for me and my fan base.”

According to Variety, Rexha’s current tour includes five more shows in Philadelphia, Washington, DC, Atlanta, Orlando, and Houston. How the New York incident will affect the rest of the tour is unclear. (ANI)