Avleen Kour Calligraphs her dream journey

The edge of a sharp quill pressing upon a parchment of paper leaving a trail of ink in its wake: calligraphy is a symphony in motion. For long, good handwriting was strived for and envied. However, with the advent of technology, the number of words one could type overtook the number of words one could write. Slowly, the art of writing started becoming scarce, turning calligraphy into a much sought after art form.

The same piqued Avleen Kour’s interest in High school. As the student in charge of the display boards, Avleen garnered a lot of attention for her calligraphy with praise pouring in from her peers and teachers.
When lockdown hit, boredom engulfed her days but she was quickly rescued from idling away her days when her brother gifted her an oblique pen. The old-school tool elevated her calligraphy even more. Avleen decided to pursue calligraphy as a profession.
Taking insight from calligraphy artists and entrepreneurs like Sanjana Chatlani of the Bombay Lettering Company and Suzanne Cunningham, a member of the Calligraphy Masters, Avleen started sharing her calligraphy online. Drawing inspiration from her followers on social media, Avleen shapes her designs to appeal to her supporters. This eventually turned into a full service calligraphy business.

Working with scripts like Copperplate, Uncial script, Gothic/Blackletter and Gurumukhi, Avleen amazed patrons after patrons. The process which starts from engaging with the people she works with, ends at finalizing an order only after understanding the client’s needs. Offering services like wedding calligraphy, Handwritten letters, on-spot calligraphy, place card and tags, acrylic plaque cards and glass, Avleen handcrafts each piece to perfection hoping to stay on with her clients for a long time.