Amritsar: BSF recovers a packet of suspected heroin near border area

Amritsar (Punjab) [India], May 20 (ANI): The vigilant Border Security Force (BSF) troops detected and recovered a packet of suspected heroin from Dhanoe Kalan village, near the border area of Amritsar district of Punjab, during the night hours of Sunday.

Along with the narcotics, the troops also recovered one copper wire loop and four illuminating strips attached to the packet.

On May 19th, during the night hours, upon hearing the suspicious dropping sound near the border area of the Amritsar, on-duty BSF troops immediately rushed to the spot. They fenced off the dropping zone and initiated an extensive search operation.

In the search operation, BSF troops successfully recovered one packet of suspected heroin, wrapped in yellow-coloured adhesive tape with one copper wire loop and four illuminating stripes. The gross weight of the recovered narcotics was around 575 grams.

According to the Press Release, “The dropping zone was cordoned and an extensive search was conducted, which culminated at about 11.53 pm with the successful recovery of one packet (Gross weight- 575 grams) of suspected heroin in a farming field in nearby village of Dhanoe Kalan of district Amritsar in Punjab. The narcotics were wrapped with yellow coloured adhesive tape. One copper wire loop and four illuminating strips were also found attached with the packet.”

The keen observation and timely reaction of diligent BSF troops on duty once again thwarted the illicit attempt to smuggle narcotics from across the border.

Earlier, on May 18, the coordinated efforts of the Border Security Force along with the Punjab Police recovered a drone in the border area of Tarn Taran district on Saturday. The recovery was made in a joint operation with Punjab Police.

During the search operation, the vigilant troops had successfully recovered one drone identified as a China-made DJI Mavic 3 classic from a farming field adjacent to the village Rajoke in Tarn Taran District.