AllTechNerd Plans To Diversify into Gaming and Automobiles

New Delhi [India], October 16: AllTechNerd, initially a trusted source for tech industry updates, is going through a significant transformation. In recent developments, the company has broadened its horizons through the acquisition of new domains.

This expansion strategy is part of AllTechNerd’s mission to diversify and explore different domains, including sports, gaming, automobiles, new AI technologies, and community engagement.

With the addition of Otakukan, a domain dedicated to the anime industry,


is now in a position to provide comprehensive anime-related content along with gaming. This strategic move is aimed at meeting the expectations of anime and gaming enthusiasts by delivering well-informed content.

In the case of Futuroq, AllTechNerd is targeting vehicle enthusiasts. Their approach involves offering detailed information about upcoming automobile events, vehicle-related news, automotive industry developments, and more. This includes everything from vehicle reviews to insights into cutting-edge automotive technologies.

The acquisition of Futuroq underscores AllTechNerd’s commitment to strengthening its presence in the automotive domain, ensuring that viewers receive carefully curated and optimized automotive content.

AllTechNerd is expanding into new industries and building a community while making a positive impact. With a dedicated team and a history of success, AllTechNerd is poised to achieve even greater things.