Actor and Yoga Guru Bijay Anand Opens Up About Traveling To Different Countries For Teaching Yoga Ahead of International Yoga Day

Actor Bijay Anand is a renowned name in the entertainment industry but what only a few must know is that the actor is also an acknowledged Kundalini Yoga Guru. What is also hardly known about him is that he keeps traveling around the world for teaching Yoga. He opened up about his closeness with Yoga as well as his plans for foreign countries.

“I am lucky enough to be part of this tribe that teaches yoga not because I need the fame (focussing more on my acting can get me ample of that) or wealth (I think I have enough already) but because Kundalini Yoga changed my life and for the past 12 years I have been sharing this science with thousands of students from around the world.

U.K., Czech Republic, China, Jamaica, U.A.E., Russia and the U.S. I have been teaching at the biggest yoga festivals in all of these countries during the past 12 years. This July, I will be teaching at ‘The Healing Festival’ in the Czech Republic as well as in Morocco after that, followed by China in the month of December.”

On the occasion of International Yoga Day, he gives a message to all.
“Through Yoga, when you reconnect with this ‘Divine Pulse’ as I like to call it, you achieve everything you always dreamed of and more.
This International Yoga Day, I wish for everyone to be connected to this divine energy and to live a healthy and happy life. To become the light and then to share that light.”