Abu Dhabi Municipality unveils projects to enhance Rabdan city’s infrastructure

Abu Dhabi [UAE], June 21 (ANI/WAM): Abu Dhabi Municipality and several key partners successfully organised the Rabdan City Assembly (Nshawerkom Initiative) on Tuesday at the Rabdan Council.

The assembly aimed to strengthen municipal presence, engage community members and organisations and encourage their active participation in the growth and preservation of the Emirate.
The partners include the Abu Dhabi Police, Abu Dhabi Waste Management Company, Abu Dhabi Sports Council, Abu Dhabi Housing Authority, Islamic Affairs and Awqaf Authority, Department of Health, Al Baraka International Investment, and Zayed Higher Organisation for People of Determination,

The event drew a large crowd of residents from Rabdan city and served as a platform for effective communication between the municipality and the local population. Its primary objectives were to showcase completed and upcoming projects that enhance residents’ quality of life and gather valuable feedback, opinions, and suggestions regarding the area and its services.

Abu Dhabi Municipality presented various ambitious projects during the assembly, all geared towards improving the infrastructure in Rabdan City.

Among the proposed projects are the construction of public spaces, parking lots, and shops, as well as improvements to internal road networks and ongoing road paving works. Traffic-related enhancements include necessary modifications to traffic lanes, improving roads leading to various locations, creating and enhancing roundabouts, and transforming of certain roundabouts into intersections with traffic lights.

Furthermore, the municipality plans to establish a garden and bicycle lanes, enhance existing car parking facilities and improve lighting and traffic lights.

Abu Dhabi Municipality is also focusing on enhancing Rabdan City’s visual appeal through beautification projects like tree planting and an irrigation network. They also plan to improve roads, update traffic signs, and beautify major areas to showcase the city’s identity.