A one-week Translation Workshop kickstarts at Jammu University

Jammu, 11 October: With an aim to strengthen the knowledge base of the students at all levels, a one-week skill development workshop (Indian languages) organized by the Department of Journalism and Media Studies in collaboration with the National Translation Mission, Mysore, kickstarted at Prof Gyan Chand Hall, Department of Urdu, here today at the University of Jammu. The seven-day translation workshop aims to make educational content available to the students of Jammu and Kashmir in local languages.

In its aim to promote the cause of translation for education in India, the key note speaker Padamshree Mohan Singh Slathia, said during his inaugural remarks, “Written notes help to learn and grasp the content properly. Government policies are in our favour, but we are not in our own favour and this is not the problem with just Dogri but with all mother tongues. The need of the hour is that intelligentsia cuts across all divisions of discipline and language and come together to promote dogri in all its usage. He cited the example of this very workshop, which has both resource persons and participants from various disciplines like humanities, social sciences, sciences, and different languages like Hindi, English, Punjabi, and Urdu. He said that the department of journalism has filled the long-standing gap in studies in journalism at the University of Jammu. He further expressed hope that the department and the translation club would continue to conduct many more such programmes.

Earlier, Prof Satnam Kour Raina, Chairperson of Utsah Jammu University Clubs said, “The workshop will allow the participants to learn a brand-new skill set needed for efficient translation of the content that is much required in the National Education Policy as envisaged by the Prime Minister of India.” She congratulated Prof. Garima Gupta and her team for organising this skill development translation workshop. She added that she had also translated one book from Dogri to English, “Dogri de LambiyaKhaniya.” She emphasised that every person should know the value of their mother tongue as well and must not be shy about speaking.

Prof Garima Gupta, HoD, Department of Journalism and Media Studies and coordinator of the translation club said, “The students who are doing their higher studies should get in touch with their mother tongue in order to contribute to their region.” She further added that the Department of Journalism and the Translation Club are committed to the preservation and promotion of the various languages of Jammu and to training translators to ensure that there is no gap in this field at the national level.

Sh. Sunil Choudhary, organiser of NTM said, in its mission to spread awareness of creating a knowledge society by means of translation and development of human resources prompted the National Knowledge Commission (NKC) prompted a working group that would bring together different agencies and people involved in the activity of translation, its promotion, publication and dissemination.

During the inaugural session, the second edition of the newsletter JU POST made by the journalism students of the university was launched and the efforts of the students were lauded by all.

Other faculty members present during the workshop were Dr. Pardeep Singh Bali, Dr. Ravia Gupta, Dr.Biswadip Gogoi, and Dr. Sandeep Singh from National Transmission, Mysore, Dr. Pritam Singh and Dr. Harjinder Singh from the Department of Punjabi, Dr. Rajesh from Department of Buddhist Studies. The workshop will provide an exceptional opportunity for the students to learn from seasoned experts and hone their skills in the dynamic world of translation.

Ms Karman Singh, a student of Journalism and Media Studies conducted the function and Dr. Ravia Gupta, lecturer, Department of Journalism and Media Studies presented the vote of thanks.