7 Pieces Of Advice For Every New Mom

1. Don’t Rush Your Recovery

After her delivery, a female thinks she can’t return to normal activities. Just listen to your doctors, and you can conquer the world. Give yourself time to heal.

2. Rest, Rest, Rest-

After giving birth to a new life, a female body goes through numerous changes. You might even feel like ruling the whole world, but your body needs enormous sleep and rest to bounce back. So give time to your body to recover and heal.

3. Ask for help

The famous African proverb is “It takes a whole village to raise a child”. So don’t be diffident in asking for help from your partner or other family members.

4. Baby blues-

After giving birth, the body goes through many hormonal and physical changes. So anxiety, depression, and panic are the common experiencing symptoms that the majority of new mums are not aware of. Snapping over little things or crying becomes frequent visitors after giving birth which continues for a few weeks.

5. Trust your instinct-

The most important piece of advice to a new mom is to trust her intuition. It’s a little intimidating for a new mom to believe in her gut, but women are designed with special traits and survival instincts which always prove true.

6. Everything is a phase

Whether good sleep, bad routine, naps, fussy, colic, teething, or diaper changing are just phases of life, they are constantly changing. So it’s better to be laid back and enjoy the moment. It is recommended to click lots of pictures of babies as they grow so fast from newborn to toddler to cherish their memories.

7. Connect with your tribe-

Connecting with a group of new or experienced moms going through the same experience is always advisable. Don’t ever think of yourself doing this alone. It will not only empower you, but it will also encourage and boost your morale to balance everything efficiently.