6 Signs To See When a Child Is Getting Close To Walking

Babies grow and change astoundingly, bringing new and exciting developments every month. From newborns to active toddlers, many changes can be seen in them. Some babies may have their teeth at eight months, while others don’t have them until a little after the one-year mark. Few babies walk early, while others may start walking at a later stage.

Here are five signs to see when a child is getting close to walking-

1. They’re Starting To Go On Tip Toes To Reach Up High and Grab Things

When toddlers start walking, they go on tiptoes to reach higher places to grab things. This is the cutest thing to watch the small tiny feet on toes and the little hands trying to catch things.

2. You are Seeing More Independent Standing

In this stage of development, the baby can be seen standing and holding some support. The toddler can walk along with the support but falls when there is no support.

3. They Look Comfortable Letting Go Off Support With One Hand

Slowly, they gain confidence in walking and let go of support with one hand. Now they can walk holding a single hand. At this stage, many toddlers are seen holding their toys in one hand and using another hand for support.

4. Many Walk and Take Steps with Only One Hand For Support

In this stage of development, the toddler gains confidence and starts taking a few steps with just one hand for support. Sometimes the baby falls but starts walking again.

5. They Let Go and Take 1-2 Steps Between Support Surfaces

Here they are more confident and take a few steps between support surfaces. The pace of walking a few steps without support is fast, and that baby is excited about doing that.

6. Standing Up Independently From the Floor Without Using Furniture Or Support

In this stage, a child can finally stand and walk without using support like a furniture or a wall. After attaining the confidence to walk, the toddler keeps moving here and there, making his parents run behind him.