4 coal mine workers die of suffocation from explosion in Afghanistan’s Baghlan province

Kabul [Afghanistan], May 26 (ANI): A total of four coal mine workers have died of suffocation from an explosion in Afghanistan’s Baghlan province coal mines, officials said on Thursday, Khaama Press reported. On May 23, two separate gas explosions in the Tale Barfak and Jalgah districts of Afghanistan’s Baghlan province resulted in the deaths of four coal mine workers. In the first instance, two brothers named Nazmir and Abdulsir died after being gassed while working in a coal mine in the village of “Peshte Marq” in the Tale Barfak district, according to Abdullah Hamid, the head of Taliban mines in Baghlan, confirmed the two incidents, according to Khaama Press.

In the second occurrence, a father and son named Shir and Dost Mohammad died while working in the Jalgah district’s “Shahkul Chenark” area. Earlier on May 17, a coal miner died of gas inhalation while sex others were poisoned in the Baghlan province, Tale Barfak district, raising more questions about the country’s mine safety regulations. Safety precautions are often neglected at the expense of labourer life. This shows that miners’ welfare is urgently needed in the country to ensure their safety and security first, according to Khaama Press.