2.10KW Solar Plant installed at Shree Hudh Mata Shrine to facilitate Pilgrims

KISHTWAR, JUNE 21: In a remarkable initiative towards sustainable energy solutions and providing necessary arrangements to pilgrims by district administration, a state-of-the-art 2.10KW solar plant has been successfully installed at the Bhawan of Shree Hudh Mata Shrine Dachhan.

The solar plant, consisting of 6 number of Solar PV modules with a capacity of 335 Watt each, aims to provide efficient and uninterrupted illumination to the shrine, enhancing the facilities to the pilgrims visiting the holy place  during the ongoing Yatra.

The funds for the solar plant have been provided under District Mineral Foundation Trust (DMFT) by the district administration.  

 The Power Development Department (PDD) Kishtwar has also played a significant role in ensuring the smooth execution of this project, completing it well ahead of scheduled Yatra.

The collaboration ensured the seamless implementation of the project, delivering results well before the anticipated timeline. The enhanced lighting system will improve the facilities and offer a tranquil and serene experience to the visitors.

Previously, the shrine faced significant challenges due to its remote location, which made it inaccessible to the main electricity grid. Consequently, the temple management committee had to rely on generators and fuels to provide lighting arrangements. However, with the introduction of this solar plant, both the management committee and the pilgrims will now enjoy a seamless and sustainable energy solution.

The installation of the 2.10KW solar plant at Shree Hudh Mata Shrine Dachhan is a testament to the unwavering dedication of the Government to improve the pilgrimage experience while respecting our planet’s natural resources.