Sudarsan Pattnaik Honours RRR and The Elephant Whisperers Oscar Wins with Sand Sculpture Tribute. Watch

Indian sand artist Sudarsan Pattnaik, popularly known as Sudarsan Sand, has created a sand sculpture to celebrate the Oscar wins of the films RRR and The Elephant Whisperers.

The Academy Awards ceremony of 2023, held on March 13, saw Indian cinema shine as RRR won the award for Best Original Song for ‘Naatu Naatu’ and The Elephant Whisperers won the Best Documentary Short Film category. The wins were celebrated across the country, and Sudarsan Sand paid tribute to the films with a stunning sand sculpture on Puri Beach in the Indian state of Odisha.

The sand sculpture features the Oscar statuette at its center, flanked by an elephant on one side and a poster of NTR and Ram Charan dancing to the tune of ‘Natu Natu’ on the other side. The names of the winning films are inscribed on either side of the sculpture, adding to its overall grandeur. Sudarsan Sand’s intricate sand art has become well-known across the country and the world for its stunning detail and ability to capture the essence of important events and personalities.

Sudarsan Sand’s sand art has earned him several accolades, including the prestigious Padma Shri award from the Government of India in 2014. He has also won multiple awards in sand sculpture competitions held across the world. The artist has used his art form to create awareness about important social and environmental issues. He has created sand sculptures to spread awareness about climate change, plastic pollution, and other pressing issues facing the world today.

Sudarsan Sand’s sand sculpture tribute to RRR and The Elephant Whisperers is a testament to the power of art to capture the essence of important events and moments in history. His art has become a symbol of national pride, and his creations are admired by people across the world.

The wins at the Oscars by RRR and The Elephant Whisperers have brought great pride and joy to the Indian film industry and the country as a whole. Sudarsan Sand’s sand sculpture tribute is a fitting celebration of their success, and a reminder of the power of cinema to inspire and touch the hearts of people around the world