Rajouri administration discusses revision of environment plan

DC emphasises on sustainable development, environment Conservation

RAJOURI, MAY 23: A crucial meeting to discuss the revision of the District Environment Plan was held today here under the chairmanship of District Development Commissioner, Vikas Kundal.

The revised plan aims to enhance the overall environmental parameters in the district through extensive plantation drives, effective waste management, promotion of community participation and use of renewable sources, besides launching mass awareness campaigns, among other strategic measures.

The meeting held detailed discussions on various aspects of environmental Conservation, including solid waste management, biomedical waste management, plastic waste management, pollution abatement in non-attainment areas, restoration of polluted river stretches, and industrial waste management. Additionally, key initiatives were identified to safeguard and conserve forests, water bodies, and wetlands and enhance the district’s green cover.

The DDC emphasised the importance of the real-time monitoring system, making the provision of noise monitoring and air quality monitoring to ensure accurate and up-to-date information for better effective environmental management. The utilisation of digital boards at prominent locations displaying real-time updates on air quality, temperature, and other relevant information was also emphasised.

The meeting recognised the significance of mass awareness campaigns and social media engagement in educating the public about the environmental challenges.

The DC laid stress on making Special efforts to encourage global participation in positive environmental actions, fostering a collective effort towards creating a sustainable and better future.

Furthermore, the installation of solar rooftops in government offices was agreed upon as a significant step towards promoting renewable energy. Special awareness activities will be organised to motivate the public to adopt solar rooftops in their households, contributing to the larger goal of a greener and cleaner environment.

Water body conservation was a crucial topic of discussion, with the Rural Development Department already undertaking substantial work in this area. New water bodies will be identified and developed, ensuring the sustainable management of water resources. The meeting directed the submission of a comprehensive plan under the “Catch the Rain” programme by the SE Hydraulics.

The District Development Commissioner highlighted the district administration’s commitment to sustainable development and expressed enthusiasm for the implementation of the revised environment conservation plan. The inclusion of community participation and an effective grievance redress mechanism were emphasized to ensure a collaborative approach towards achieving environmental goals.

As part of its dedication to environmental stewardship, the district administration will continue to explore innovative solutions and engage in proactive initiatives to create a greener, healthier, and more sustainable environment for all.

The meeting was attended by ADC Rajouri, Rajiv Khajuria. DFO Rajouri, Dr Arshdeep Singh; DFO Nowshera, SE Hydraulics , Bhram Jyoti; CEO, Sultana Kouser; ACP , Sheraz Chouhan and other officers.

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