Things only 90s kids can relate to

The millennial nostalgia of the 1990s renders it as the golden age of childhood. After all, we were the last generation of children who spent time outdoors playing with friends and not on mobile phones or laptops. Life was much simpler and full of innocence at that time.

It was the time when Trump and Pokemon cards were the ultimate treasure, when comics were our leisure and when happiness was in small things like running steamboats in the tub filled with water or getting money to buy a bar of chocolate. Do you remember that time?

If you are a 90s kid like me, you are lucky to experience the real enjoyment of childhood away from all technology.

Let's go down memory lane, and revisit things that only 90s kids can relate to:

1. Landline

In the 1990s, almost every home used to have a landline phone. People used to remember each other’s telephone numbers and write them down in diaries, unlike saving numbers on the mobile phone. Remember running over to the landline after hearing the bell ring and gossiping with your friend while sitting in the living area? That was real fun.

2. Reel Camera

It was the time when one needed to be very efficient while clicking pictures, as a reel could click only a limited number of pictures. Taking photographs in those times was simple; no filters or apps were required but just a smile.

3. Cassettes and Tape- fixing

If you were a music lover in the 90s, chances are that you must have owned a Walkman back then. Fixing cassettes with a pencil was a great task. One used to obsess over collecting endless cassettes of their favourite artists.

4. Doordarshan

Doordarshan was the most popular channel at the time. Those Sunday mornings waiting for the popular shows Shaktimaan, Ramayan and Malgudi days were fun. Do you randomly remember the background tune of DD Channel still?

5. Candy Cigarettes

90's kids tried to act cool while fake smoking these candies. It was a fun cigar candy that looked exactly like a cigarette encased in a white and red box named Phantom Cigarette.

6. Shoes with lights

Remember wanting those light-up shoes when you were a kid? Every 90s kid has worn shoes with light at the heels that would light up with each step. That was the trend of the time. Wearing the light-up shoes made you the envy of your peers making everyone go Woah!

7. Outdoor Games

Air-conditioned play areas can never replace the outdoors. Every '90s kid used to play outdoor games such as Ice-Water, Hide and Seek, Aankh Mei Choli (blindfold), Stepu (hopscotch) and so on. Who can forget those bruises on the knees after the games? Even the scorching heat of 45 degrees didn't matter when we wished to go out and play.

8. Comics

The world before the internet was filled with Comics. People subscribed to monthly comics and waited enthusiastically for them to arrive. 90s kids never got bored as they always carried comics along with them. Who can forget the comic Chacha Chaudhary? It was one of the most popular among all (or maybe I’m just biased!). Other famous comics were Tinkle, Archies, Champak, Nandan, Pinki, and Bittu.

9. TV Shows

As a 90s kid, you probably wished for Sonpari or Sanju's magic pencil. No one can forget the most popular shows of the times like Small Wonder, Shararat, Karishma ka Karishma, Boogie Woogie, Son Pari and so on. It was an absolute joy watching them.

10. Video Games

The games played in childhood have particular importance in life. Looking back at the 90s games like Mario, Contra, Road fighter, Popeye, or Duck Hunt makes one nostalgic. We think about them and feel nostalgic of that simple yet entertaining era.