Never Settle for Mediocrity. Here’s why...

I remember the day my class 7th result was announced: parents braving pouring rain to meet class teachers and toppers crying even after scoring 90%. Not me though. I beamed with pride over my 82%.

I’ll never know what made the Principal, who stood near the blackboard noticing everyone’s reaction, call on me. When he asked me my score, I happily showed him the report card.

A long pause.

He handed me my report card back.

“Either be a topper or a backbencher who is active in other fields,“ he said. “But stay away from mediocrity.”

Till date I ponder his words. According to him, first benchers are usually good in studies and settle in their life with respectable jobs. They are bound to either get grand success like Sundar Pichai or cushy jobs with recognition in their companies. Even backbenchers are usually courageous in real life which leads them to success and fame. Whereas the mediocre student will settle for less without struggling for success thereby languishing in just coasting by in life. Getting older, I realised the concept by practically experiencing it. Not only in school but in every field, mediocrity goes unrecognised and those who are used to being mediocre, settle for less. They make up their mind with all that they have and don't work harder to achieve better. The difference between successful people and mediocre people is that successful people never quit. They work hard and come out of their comfort zone to be on the top.

Mediocre people settle. They don't challenge themselves, choosing instead to give up on their abilities and talents, thereby letting many opportunities pass.

Never pushing ourselves out of our boundaries limits how far we take things. When our comfort zone is bigger than our dreams, we don’t take enough risks. This way we end up settling. It’s not uncommon, then, to find ourselves living an unfulfilling lifestyle with mediocrity looming over every aspect of it. Many people are satisfied with mediocrity but when it comes to chasing our goals, that can significantly change our lives for the better, then mediocrity is a bad thing.

The beautiful thing is that we have the choice to change the course of how our story will go when we pinpoint what needs to be changed. Bad habits can be disrupted and new ones formed. Let's challenge ourselves to do the things we never thought we could. Let's discover our passions and get over our fears. They are totally normal but they can't define our life or hold us back from living the life that we deserve.

Remember your personal goals and dreams. Keep those dreams in sight and continue to reach for them. Work hard for what you want and do not let anyone get in your way. Work towards that degree, or promotion. Keep searching for that perfect relationship, do not settle for just okay. Let's work hard for the life that we are dreaming of. We will need some grit and persistence but the rewards will be worth it. So escape living a mediocre life and start working hard to achieve an amazing one!