Like Mother Like Daughter!

There is one relationship in this mortal life which effortlessly scores above all other known relationships on this earth. Feeling confused? This extraordinary relationship is none other than that of a mother and a daughter, which is truly priceless in terms of countless love, dedication and devotion. No other being on earth can love us as unconditionally as our mothers do.

The bond between mothers and daughters starts at a very early age and evolves into a roller coaster as the years' pass. In early childhood, we idolize our mothers and totally rely on them for almost everything. They become our best friends. In our later teens, our best friend becomes our enemy and we can't stand a word she says. We prefer the company of our school/college friends more than that of our mothers and rely on them for many decisions. As we mature, we realise the importance of a mother in our life, and the love and bond grow with time.

A mother teaches important lessons that help us to survive and thrive. A daughter grows up noticing her mother from childhood which makes her learn more from her in both verbal and non-verbal ways. Mothers and daughters share a similar sense of emotional synchronization and are likely to think and react in the same way. People say ‘Like Mother Like Daughter” when they notice similarities: not only in action but also in appearance. Within the past several decades, a shift has been observed in the relationship patterns of many mothers and daughters. Many seem to have abandoned the traditional hierarchy of parent and child for a relationship of equals identifying with each other more as ‘best friends, especially as a child grows up.

A girl's mother is at the top of her speed dial. Whenever you are in some trouble, the only thought that comes to mind is to talk to your mother. She is your mom and she knows every feeling of yours but loves to hear them from you. Most of the time, she is your answer and destination for all your emotional needs. Simply cuddling up to your mom can pacify the inner void in you.

Mothers and daughters are partners in crime who have enough to chitter-chatter about. They fight on many issues and have differing opinions but still share everything from their wardrobe to the many recipes in the kitchen. A Mother is always a saviour for a daughter. She saves you from every evil and shows you the right path.

Let's toast to all the mothers who are doing exceptionally well and make them feel special regularly since every day should be a day to celebrate your mother. For all the times that we forgot to thank them for the little things they do for which all the words sometimes go unspoken. Thank you for all the support throughout the years and we are blessed to be so loved.