Delhi Police plant dummy IEDs to train officers amid terror threats

NEW DELHI [India], June 18 (ANI): In view of terror threats, the Delhi police special cell have planted dummy IEDs to check the alertness of the force. This move comes after multiple calls were received on terror threats in different parts of the capital. "It has been learnt that there is an Al Qaeda terror threat sounded in Delhi as per inputs based on intelligence agencies.

Additionally, post the Nupur Sharma fiasco, Delhi Police is on its toes regarding terror threats. Apart from that owing to multiple protests over Rahul Gandhi's ED summons have led to DP conduct the drill to avoid any untoward incident.

Crowded areas are usual targets for terror groups. All crowded places and possible strike points are being covered via this drill to assess promptness of local police staff," said Delhi Police.

On June 12, as many as 15 Dummy IEDs were planted to check alertness. Out of 15 IEDs at least 10 of them were detected well on time by the police force.