Dejavu Entertainment and Events are planning to expand their outstanding parties to London and India

NEW DELHI[India], June 1 (ANI/GPRC): If there is someone who knows about hosting the best parties, it has to be Dejavu Entertainment and Events. They are prominent players in the nightlife circles in Dubai.

Haven't you heard of the best Bollywood parties that happen in Dubai? Haven't you been fascinated by their high-spirited vibe? We are confident that you know that Dejavu Entertainment and Events is responsible for most of the B-Town parties that happen in Dubai. And now, after embellishing the nightlife events and parties of Dubai, this leading entertainment company is preparing for a big leap. Don't you want to know what it is? Dejavu Entertainment and Events is now planning to extend its buoyant borders to two new countries, viz., India and London. Isn't that exciting?

Both of these countries are known for their happy-go-lucky moods and zestful ambience. Moreover, the nightlife scenarios in these countries are ever more effervescent, making them the perfect spot for Dejavu Entertainment and Events. The vitality of these countries and the pep of Dejavu parties will set ablaze the entertainment sector.

Rahul Kaul, the founder of this astounding entertainment and event company, says, "India and London are two of the most humming cities in the world, and we can't afford to miss them. We are very excited about this move and are really looking forward to showcasing our events and party concepts in these cities. We want to spread our joyous parties to these countries and all around the globe."

Dejavu has already started the process of creating its niche in Indian nightlife. They have been in talks with several eminent Bollywood celebrities about hosting fabulous parties. Moreover, they bring the best DJs and note the appearance of renowned stars at their parties.

So every party animal staying in London and India, brace yourself up and get your wand lights because Dejavu Entertainment and Events is coming with bashing parties for you!

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