Deepak Punia, Ankit Gulia among wrestlers selected for Asian Wrestling Championship in Bahrain

LUCKNOW (Uttar Pradesh) [India], June 3 (ANI): Deepak Punia and Ankit Gulia were among those selected after the trials for the Indian Under-20 and Under-15 Wrestling Teams were held on Thursday at STC, Lucknow and STC, Sonepat for participation in the 2022 U20 and U15 Asian Wrestling Championship.

The championship will be held at Manama in Bahrain from July 2-10 this year. The following wrestlers have been selected in their respective categories to represent the country in the championship:

Under-15 (Girls): Tanisha (33 kg, Haryana), Shravani (36 kg, Maharashtra), Dipanshi (39 kg, Haryana), Monika (42 kg, Haryana), Ekta (46 kg, Rajasthan), Rajnita (50 kg, Haryana), Neha (54 kg, Haryana), Ronak (58 kg, Uttar Pradesh), Pulkit (62 kg, Haryana), Kajal (Haryana).

Under 15 (Freestyle Wrestling): Deepanshu (38 kg, Haryana), Dashrath (41 kg, Uttar Pradesh), Ishwar (44 kg, Haryana), Kartik (48 kg, Delhi), Saleem (52 kg, Delhi), Ankush (57 kg, Delhi), Tanishq (62 kg, Maharashtra), Nishant (68 kg, Delhi), Vivek (75 kg, Uttar Pradesh), Badal Chaudhary (85 kg, Uttar Pradesh).

Under-15 (Greco Roman Style Wrestling): Varun (38 kg, Delhi), Pranjal Kangra (41 kg, Delhi), Atul (44 kg, Haryana), Aditya Kumar (48 kg, Jharkhand), Pranay (52 kg, Maharashtra), Tushar Patil (57 kg, Maharashtra), Varun (62 kg, Delhi), Sachin (68 kg, Haryana), Abhay (75 kg, Haryana), Hardeep (85 kg, Haryana)

Under 20 (Women's Wrestling): Sweety (50 kg, Haryana), Antim (53 kg, Haryana), Reena (55 kg, Haryana), Sito (57 kg, Haryana), Tannu Malik (59 kg, Uttarakhand), Sarika (62 kg, Haryana), Priyanka (65 kg, Haryana), Arju (68 kg, Haryana), Manju (72 kg, Haryana), Priya (76 kg, Haryana)

Under-20 (Free Style): Udit (57 kg), Mohit Kumar (61 kg, Haryana), Sujeet (65 kg, Haryana), Mulayam (70 kg, Uttar Pradesh), Jaideep (74 kg, Haryana), Deepak (79 kg, SSCB), Jointy Kumar (86 kg, Uttar Pradesh), Akash (92 kg, Uttar Pradesh), Ashish (97 kg, Delhi), Mahendra Gaikwad (125 kg, Maharashtra)

Under-20 (Greco Roman Style): Rupin (55 kg, Haryana), Sourabh (60 kg, Uttar Pradesh), Anil (63 kg, Haryana), Ankit Gulia (67 kg, SSCB), Deepak Punia (72 kg, Haryana), Sachin (77 kg, CHD), Rohit Dahiya (82 kg, Haryana), Manoj Kumar (87 kg, Haryana), Narinder Cheema (97 kg, Punjab), Parvesh (130 kg, Haryana).