Corona Virus to impact Annual Holy Chhari Yatra

Precautions against Novel COVID-19

(Corona Virus diseases to impact “Annual Holy Chhari Yatra”)

In view of the advisory issued by the govt. and the situation arisen after the outbreak of

Corona Virus, as a precautionary measure Shri Lakshmi Narayan Mandir Management

Trust Gandhi Nagar in consultation with the Dharmarth Trust J&K has decided that

there will be no procession/gathering during the 26th Annual Holy Chhari Yatra this year

falling on 23 rd March 2020.

Shri Charak informed that Shri Lakshmi Narayan Mandir Management Trust in

association with Dharmarth Trust J&K has been taking out Holy Chhari Yatra to the

historic Purmandal shrines on “Chaitra Chaturdashi” every year for the last 25 years

with great religious fervor accompanied by thousands of devotees (Shiv Bhagats) and

the people of all walks of life used to give a rousing reception enroute by serving fruit,

tea, milk and other eatables to the devotees as Parshad.

He further told that this year also the Annual Chhari yatra is scheduled for 23rd of

March 2020. Since the Chhari Yatra can neither be postponed nor stopped so, keeping

into view the gravity of the situation arisen after the outbreak of Novel COVID-19

epidemic and advisory issued by the administration the holy Chharies will be taken to

the Purmandal Shrines by three Mahatamas only with proper preventive measures

and ceremonial Pooja will be performed by them.