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Convention of NC Party Workers held at Basohli

Don't pay heed to mischievous rumours, Babu Rampaul to people

NC upholds values of secularism, equality

BASOHLI, June 08: Former Minister and President of National Conference Central Zone (Jammu, Samba & Kathua), Babu Rampaul dubbing the process of using EVM machines as untrustworthy for holding elections, batted for switching back to the use of ballet boxes for the ensuing assembly elections in Jammu and Kashmir to ensure fair and transparent elections and restore the eroding confidence of the voters in the EVM machines having lost the credibility of the masses.

Babu Rampaul was addressing the gathering of party office bearers and workers during a day long convention at Basohli in Kathua district. The convention was organized by Amrish Sharma, Zonal Vice President and was also addressed Dr Vikas Sharma, Sham lal Mehra, Adv Aslam Choudhary, BD Dalhotra, Arvind Jamwal, MK Rana, SatPal Shabotra, Raja Rafiq, Surjit Kumar and others.

He asked the office bearers and workers to launch sustained public campaigns at ward levels to strengthen the cadre at ward and block level.

Castigating the anti youth policies of the present Government, he pointed out that during the NC rule, adequate opportunities for employment were provided to the youth on equal footings both for Jammu and Kashmir educated unemployed youth through SSRB and JK PSC.

Babu Rampal said that the graph of unemployment has increased tremendously with the passage of time and the youth is diverting towards use of drugs out of desperation and utter frustration due to policy paralysis and deep rooted corruption in every fabric of the Govt system , he rued.

He said NC had always worked to provide more and more employment opportunities to the youth of the Jammu and Kashmir. Various employment schemes like Rehbar-e-Talim, Rehbar-e-Khel, Rehbar-e-Zirat etc were launched by the NC government.

He also said, "We have to take the vision of our party leadership to every nook and corner of Jammu and Kashmir for its development and benefit of people."

During his whirlwind tour of several places where he largely met people, the general demand of the public was to restore the process of baller boxes for elections as there is no iota of hanky panky of using ballet boxes at the time of election results.

He also advised the local leadership to organize Public Darbars on periodical basis to ascertain public grievances and their redressal accordingly. He pounced upon the divisive forces raising their ugly heads to create wedge between the peace loving communities. He cautioned the public to be vigilant and not to fall into the nefarious trap of mischief creators.

Babu Rampaul expressed dissatisfaction over the lack of basic facilities in Basohli town and the nearby villages. He said, "The present dispensation has failed to ensure facilities to students in educational institutions, healthcare and potable water facility to the general public." He demanded that administration should reach out to these areas to redress the public grievances.

Also speaking on the occasion, Amrish Sharma highlighted that roads are in total dilapidated conditions, public facilities are awfully lacking and people facing difficulties in getting their work done in offices.

Earlier, warm and rousing reception was given to chief guest Former Minister Babu Rampaul President Central Zone JKNC and an impressive bike rally was taken out by the NC workers from Atal Setu to Basohli townhall.

Prominent among others present during the convention included Deepak Kapoor, Rami Sharma, Balbir kumar , Sanjay Sharma , Rafiq Ahmed, Avinash kumar, Sahil Mishra, Babar Ansari, Karm Chand, Shanti Devi, Gulzara Begum, Priya kumari, Modh Shafiq, Dev krishan, Kewal Chang, Shar Singh, Mohd Jaseen, Saroop Mehra and others.