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Congress only alternative to BJP- Rajni Patil

Congress would emerge single largest party, form next Govt. in J&K-Mir

Delimitation has caused more injustice to people - Congress

JAMMU, March 9: Senior AICC Leader Incharge Jammu and Kashmir Rajni Patil, Member Rajya Sabha said that people are fed up with BJP's poor performance, opportunist and wrong policies, for which there is strong wave of change in Jammu, who look towards congress as only viable alternative.

She said Congress is the only viable alternative to BJP' which has utterly failed on all fronts and snatched the statehood, dignity and rights, employment and trade of the people.

Addressing an impressive gathering of Congress workers at Shakti Nagar, Jammu west assembly segment, organized by PCC General Secretary Th. Manmohan Singh today Patil said that BJP has vitiated the atmosphere of peace, harmony and progress and downgraded the historical state against the wishes of people. Only congress can restore peace, harmony, progress especially the lost status and dignity of the people of Jammu and Kashmir.

She said that only congress can rebuild the lost trust, the genuine aspirations of each section and regions and can do justice with all and ensure equitable development by creating harmony and peace and strengthening democracy.

The power-hungry BJP's divisive and opportunist politics have destroyed and vitiated the atmosphere of peace, harmony and progress and created unrest in the society, for which people will have to join the congress struggle to restore things back on rails.

She advised the party leaders to recognize the hard work of grass root workers who alone can take congress achievements and programmes to the people and bring the party back to power to serve the people.

She said that congress is only political force in the country consistently playing the role of healthy opposition in the country to highlight the issues of each section and opposing anti-poor, anti farmers and anti-people policies of BJP.

Patil referred to the experience and bold leadership of congress led by Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and Prinkya Gandhi who have stood against the authoritarian policies of Modi Govt. who believe in hum do humare do and don't take views of others in the larger interests of country.

JKPCC Chief G A Mir today raised the strong pitch on the issue of restoration of the historical Dogra state of Jammu and Kashmir, which was snatched from people, arbitrarily and undemocratically.

Mir said congress forcefully demands restoration of statehood with land and job guarantee to the locals, without further delay, which was unilaterally, arbitrary and undemocratically disbanded, divided and, downgraded against the wishes of people.

He said that BJP is not only against the philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi but also against the name of Gandhi right from Mahatma Gandhi to Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi and the present leaders from Gandhi's family and it was the simple reason to change the nomenclature of Gandhinagar Assembly Constituency as Jammu South. He said the delimitation exercise is biased and faulty and has caused more injustice. to different areas.

Mir said that BJP bitterly failed people of Jammu and Kashmir for the sake of power but it will badly fail in its mission to grab power by several dirty tricks and tactics.

He asserted that people would return the betrayal and deception of BJP with cross-section of society by bringing about change whenever elections held and claimed that Congress would emerge single largest party and form next government in Jammu and Kashmir.

AICC Spokesperson Alka Lamba in his address took upon BJP for playing with the sentiments of people by downgrading the historical state and depriving people of democratic rights.

The people of Jammu and Kashmir would repay the BJP in the same coin whenever elections were held. BJP is delaying the holding of elections for fear of losing badly as it failed to come up to the expectations of people, especially youth.

Raman Bhalla lashed out at BJP for the betrayal with the mandate of Jammu as they failed to do justice with the sentiments and aspirations of people. On every front, Jammu has suffered under the BJP regime at the centre and under LG administration.

BJP made a lot of promises with different sections especially youth, sc, ST, OBCs, refugees, migrants, paharis , traders and transporters but every section feels cheated from BJP.

The BJP made a lot of promises with the people of Jammu to get votes but after huge mandate forgot to respect the aspirations of the people. And deliver justice with them, The status of Jammu and Kashmir is downgraded, rights of people snatched and unemployment is record high and common people taxed highly.

Mula Ram lambasted BJP for the division and downgrading of historical state and ruling by proxy for three and half years. The people are being fleeced and looted under taxes and price hikes.

The poor people are suffering on every front and the unemployed youth are frustrated a lot with the wrong policies of the BJP and its administration. People are ready to teach a lesson to BJP, whenever free and fair elections are conducted in Jammu and Kashmir.

APRO Sukhwant Singh Brar urged the workers to go for vigorous membership to strengthen congress at grass root levels.

Only strong congress is a guarantee to the real democracy and protection of rights of each section.

Ravinder Sharma referred to the talk promises by BJP before elections especially the electorate of Jammu but betrayed each sections and overall aspirations of people.

He termed delimitation as a dissection of constituencies to further the political interests of BJP but people would rebuff BJP in forthcoming elections.

Th. Manmohan Singh highlighted the burning problem of different sections and blasted the hollow slogans of development. He said right from labour, youth and traders are fed up with BJP policies and want change due to the anti-people, anti-Jammu and opportunist and policies of power-hungry BJP

Yogesh Sawhney appreciated the workers and the efforts of Th. Manmohan Singh to hold impressive gatherings and asked them to hold door to door membership campaigns and strengthen congress at grass root levels.

He said Congress would stage a comeback as the people of Jammu have seen the real face of the power-hungry BJP

Kanta Bhan referred to the huge price hike and said that common people are suffering a lot under the BJP regime and waiting to bring about change in governance. She also recalled the services of Pt. Mangat Ram Sharma as a Legislator of the area.

Rajnish Sharma referred to the contribution of services of Congress party in last 70 years built BJP is selling the assets created by the Congress. He said Congress alone can serve each section of society, especially the poor and downtrodden.

Indu Pawar referred to the role of women in the society and criticized the BJP’s failure to ensure the protection of women and praised the Congress and Priyanka Gandhi for the fight for women's rights.

Prominent among those who spoke and attended the function include PCC Vice President Haji Rashid, Kanta Bhan, Treasurer Rajnish Sharma, General Secretary S.S. Channi, Th. Shiv Dev Singh (ExMLA), President Maila Indu Pawar, DCC President Jammu Rural Hari Singh Chib, DCC President Kathua Pankaj Dogra, Kuldeep Raj Verma, Corporators Ch. Dwarka, Rajinder Singh Jamwal, Ritu Choudhary, Rashpal Bhardwaj, President INTUC Shiv Kumar Sharma, Seva Dal Chief Vijay Sharma, Gurdarshan Singh (Vice Chairman Minority) Chairman SC dept Karan Bhagat, Chairman OBC Dept Suresh Dogra, Pranav Shagotra, H.S. Merhta, Chairman Unorganized Congress Workers Rajvir Singh, PCC Secretaries Shashi Sharma, Sanjeev Panda, Spokespersons Kapil Singh, Deepika Rajwat, Sahil Sharma, Narinder Gupta, Kewal Krishan Jogi, Satish Sharma, Vijay Malhotra, Ashok Bhagat, Rajiv Saraf, Sonu Dogra (Vice-Chairman OBC)Rano Devi, Balbir Balli, Vijay Shastri, Prem Singh and others.