Congress Leaders Visit Jammu East to take Stock of Problems faced by Local People

Congress Leaders Visited Jammu East to take Stock of Problems faced by Local People

"Jammu East Falling Apart" Bhalla/Sawhney

Jammu, February 20 : Senior Congress leaders Former Minister J&K Raman Bhalla, along with Ex MLA Jammu (East) Yogesh Sawhney Former Minister J&K, on Saturday, conducted a tour of Jammu East Constituency to take stock of problems being faced by the residents. They visited Wards 1, 10 and adjoining areas in the Old City area of Jammu where close inspection revealed that people are facing a lot of serious issues such as negligence of dilapidated roads as well as interior lanes which are in bad shape. Bhalla and Sawhney interacted with the residents of Jammu East who apprised them of the severe lack of development in their residential areas and sought help for redressal of their grievances, to which they assured the locals to address their issues in his full capacity.

Particularly locals, from Ward 10, expressed deep resentment regarding the extremely poor conditions of main Pacca Danga lane leading to the renowned Dewana Mandir despite repeated requests for fixing it since two years, and even it's interior had been flailing due to negligence. The shopkeepers conveyed that they are disappointed with the neglect they have been facing as far as their problems are concerned. The visit to Ward no. 1 showed that residents of the Tonthli Bazaar and Afghana Chowk area were facing problems, specifically with the PHE department. On hearing the concerns of the residents, Sawhney, along with Bhalla, decided to visit the PHE office in Panjtirthi on spot. They interacted with the AEE Mr Kohli and other PHE officials and apprised them of the locals' issues. They conveyed that the newly built roadside drain was being affected from leakage from PHE, as informed by the locals. On their request Mr Kohli immediately sent a team and JE to inspect the problem, following which, it was assured that the problem was properly looked into and timely resolved. Further, team of localities including Vikas Gandotra and Mr Nanda, Vikas Nargotra, Madan Malager, Pawan Dev , Chandershekhar Sharma, Atul Sharma, Ram Magotra, Ashwani Gandotra, Pankaj Gandotra. filled in Bhalla and Sawhney about local issues.

Speaking on the issue, Former Minister Raman Bhalla pointed out that no trace 'Safai Abhiyan' is visible on the streets or in any area. He also contacted Chief Engineer, PWD dept to request immediate redressal of people's issues. He further added that there is a need for fast-track development at the ground level in these areas which is currently lacking. 'This isn't time for empty promises, real work is required at the ground. Yogesh Sawhney ji and party workers are inspecting old city area so that problems that come out are not only properly projected but redressed on spot. People of Jammu had trusted the government and BJP but they are regretful now that the ground reality reveals how little or no actual work has been done for the development. Be it jobs, or development, or building flyovers or colleges, nothing has been done. The only thing they gave is skyrocketing prices of petrol and diesel."

Ex-MLA Jammu East Yogesh Sawhney while addressing the media on the issue said that "As we inspected and interacted with the locals, we found out that no development or repair work has been in the Dewana Mandir lane since two years. Neighbouring shopkeepers and residents have been suffering because of it. The Dewana temple in Ward 10 is very important to the locals and it's negligence and poor condition upsets them deeply. Adjoining roads and lanes are equally damaged, and residents have revealed that it has been two years, but no work has been done. I am thankful to Raman Bhalla ji and other leaders who have accompanied me for coming to the area and talking to the authorities to garner attention to their grievances. Because before people had a lot of complaints but no heed was being paid to them. The municipal authorities need to gear up, as they're elected leaders and should focus on timely redressal of these issues, now. It is clear that the area is severely underdeveloped on many parameters as compared to other areas in Jammu itself.

He further added that the roads are run-down, most areas are neglected and some even unkempt. Of course, completion of many projects and better traffic management are some of the concerns of locals. But apart from that also, people are facing major issues on an everyday basis, which require redressal. Old Jammu city is an integral part of Jammu in terms of heritage and culture, if residents are ignored there, it is a grave injustice to them but also to Jammu's name and pride. Rather, we should be keen on uplifting old Jammu city area and divert our attention and resources to develop the region. It will give a boost to Jammu region as a whole, he said.