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Congress concerned about worst power crisis, lashes out at Govt

Announced amnesty scheme to power consumers: Ravinder Sharma

Jammu, April 26: Jammu and Kashmir Pradesh Congress Committee has expressed grave concern over the unprecedented power Crisis leading to adversely affecting water supplies, causing huge hardships to the people.

În a statement, JKPCC Chief Spokesperson Ravinder Sharma has said that there is an acute shortage of power supply and the longest ever scheduled and unscheduled power cuts to the duration of 12 to 14 hours. The general public is suffering a lot, especially the aged, infirm, ailing, children, students etc, în particular.

Sharma said the government has totally failed to deal with the problem and is unable to explain its failure to the general people. This is a very serious and unprecedented situation and the government must come upto the situation.

The people are facing scorching heat but the heatwave shall further pick up, then things would be further worst .on the other hand, the consumers are being served inflated and exorbitant power bills and demanded the government to announce an amnesty scheme to power consumers.

He said the situation is worst în rural and remote areas while the poor power supply has adversally affected the water supply system în entire Jammu and Kashmir.

He said Congress would take to streets, if the government fails to act immediately to provide relief to the people