Cong, NC, PDP responsible for killings of Hindus in Kashmir, says former Dy CM Kavinder Gupta

New Delhi [India], June 5 (ANI): Former Deputy Chief Minister Kavinder Gupta on Sunday alleged that parties like Congress, Jammu and Kashmir National Conference (JKNC) and Jammu and Kashmir Peoples Democratic Party are responsible for the killings of Hindus in the valley.

While speaking to ANI, Gupta said, "Since last May 12, when Rahul Bhatt was murdered, after that 5 - 7 incidents like this have happened. It is definitely a matter of concern that the terrorists have changed their pattern and now come with small arms." "The infiltration from Pakistan, they are killed the same. Weapons that used to come through drones have been stopped to a greater extent than that. The work of terrorists is to spread terror and they have adopted a new method by taking small arms and sending new people who do not have any criminal records, they carry out such incidents and some local people also cooperate with them somewhere in hiding," he added.

On the allegations being levelled by the opposition on the central government regarding target killing in the valley, Gupta said, "People like Owaisi only do provocation, so their words have no effect in Jammu and Kashmir and as far as Uddhav Thackeray is concerned, it is a matter of fact that they are not aware of the situation in Jammu and Kashmir."

"The parties like Congress, Jammu and Kashmir National Conference, PDP, such opposition parties, because of these, the situation has happened in Jammu and Kashmir. In 1947, Nehru and Sheikh Abdullah did wrong," he stated.

"The way Yasin Malik kept meeting Manmohan and was given security, he was kept as a government guest, all this is the result of the same mistakes and now the people of the valley are suffering," he further stated.

"Suddenly the targeted killings have increased, there are two or three reasons for this, one is Jammu and Kashmir Pandit's resettlement, besides the beginning of the Amarnath Yatra, people come from outside, and many investment packages from Arab Emirates UAE to Dubai are being talked about. Overall, this can also be a reason that people spread terror, people could not come here, and development could not take place, so soft targets are being chosen," he said.

"The delimitation process is complete, now the work of making booths is being done there because new booths are being made, the time schedule period has been fixed, in the same way, from July 1 to September 3, new votes will be cast," he added.