Cong hits out at BJP for vitiating the political atmosphere & harming the broader national interests

Congress hits out at BJP for vitiating the political atmosphere and harming the broader national interests

Jammu, December 2 : Questioning BJP for shamelessly sharing power with PDP and NC in Kargil Hill Council, Congress has hit out at the ruling party for vitiating the political atmosphere and even harming the broader national interests by targetting their political rivals including Congress party, as anti-nationals for petty political gains, which is cheapest political tactics.

Reacting to the all out attack by senior BJP leaders and central ministers using the highly loaded language targetting their political rivals even terming them anti-nationals, including congress, having history of struggle and sacrifices for the nation, JKPCC has questioned the cheap political tactics of the ruling party for mere electoral gains, hurting the nationalist sentiments.

JKPCC Chief Spokesperson Mr. Ravinder Sharma said that instead of encouraging & welcoming the participation of all mainstream political forces in the electoral exercise, despite sharp political difference and divergent ideas within our vibrant democracy, the BJP has stooped so low to target their political rivals as anti-national just for electoral gains, which is most unfortunate and against the broader national interests.

The participation of all political forces despite reservations over the centre Govt.’s arbitrary decisions, goes against the designs of terrorists and Pakistan, which is the basic strength of our vibrant democracy and reflects the unflinching faith of the people in the power of ballot.

This should have been encouraged and welcomed by all especially the party in Govt. but unfortunately the kind of vocabulary and political gimmickry used by the top leaders of ruling party, has shown the political bankruptcy of BJP.

He said that the ruling party uses every tool & instrument to target the political rivals at the time of elections & vilification campaign against opponent is the only mastery of BJP by use of Govts. Power.

It always tries to polarize and communalize the atmosphere during elections and targets their rivals and even old allies with all sorts of loaded propaganda questioning their patriotic credentials, forgetting that it shared power with them at one or other point in near future.

The BJP is shamelessly in power in Kargil hill Council with NC & PDP, while it dares to question even congress for patriotic credentials, which has a history of sacrifices for the nation.

He questioned the political opportunism of BJP and said that it has seat arrangement and shared power even with those who worked with Hurriyat Conference but has the courage to question the credentials of Congress party and its leaders.

He appealed people to see through the [political opportunism of the BJP and its mastery to hoodwink the people during elections by deceit and then betray their faith. The people need to teach them a lesson for the worst even neglect and discrimination and leaving people at the mercy of god after getting huge mandate.