CEC Feroz Khan inaugurates Drought Mitigation Solar Pump at Akhchamal

KARGIL, MAY 26, 2022: Chairman and Chief Executive Councillor (CEC), LAHDC, Kargil Feroz Ahmad Khan today inaugurated a Drought Mitigation Solar Pump at Akchamal Oul area of Kargil.

He was accompanied by Deputy Commissioner/CEO, LAHDC, Kargil Santosh Sukhadeve, Councillor Poyen Constituency Muhammad Amin, Superintending Engineer PHE, Exen PHE, AEE PHE, PRI members besides other concerned officials were present at the occasion.

On this occasion, the CEC congratulated the villagers of Akchamal Oul and said that the Drought Mitigation Solar Pump will bring relief to the people of the area.

CEC Khan said the Solar Pump which is 300 metres in length will pump 900 litres of water per minute. The CEC also said that the pump will help in irrigating the crop fields of nearly 400 canals and also help to improve the agriculture sector in the area.

The CEC said if the Solar Pump proves beneficial they will upgrade the same in near future for the larger interest of people.

Later, the people of the area expressed their gratitude to the CEC Kargil and District Administration Kargil for their continued efforts in providing solar