Can't let terror dictate who lives here & who doesn’t: Omar Abdullah makes impassioned plea

7 October: In the wake of seven civilian killings in the span of five days in Kashmir, former Chief Minister and National Conference Vice President Omar Abdullah on Thursday made an impassioned appeal to those considering leaving the valley to stay and not let the "terror attacks succeed in their evil designs by driving you out."

In a series of Tweets, Omar Abdullah made an appeal to not allow terror to "dictate who lives here & who doesn’t."

"Yes it’s true that the majority of civilian deaths in Kashmir have been Muslim but that doesn’t absolve us of our responsibility to do everything in our power to help those who belong to religious minorities feel secure," he said.

He further detailed the onus of the safety and security of the civilian population falling on the "administration of the day" and not shifting it onto "individuals & political parties to suit political convenience & misplaced loyalties."

"We all have the responsibility to do what we can to help," he said and urged those planning to leave the Valley due to fear to reconsider their decision adding that "the overwhelming majority of us don’t want you to go."