Cairn Oil & Gas to convert Mangala pipeline to solar by 2025

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], June 4 (ANI): Cairn Oil & Gas, a vertical of mining giant Vedanta Limited, on Saturday said it targets to covert Mangala pipeline that ships crude oil from its oilfields in Rajasthan to refineries in Gujarat, to solar power by 2025.

In order to convert the pipeline to solar the company said it will install solar rooftop PVs in all the 36 Above Ground Installations (AGIs) along the pipeline by 2025. The Mangala pipeline is the world's longest continuously heated and insulated pipeline that runs from the oilfields of Rajasthan to refineries in Gujarat. The length of the pipeline is around 705 kms.

"In line with its decarbonisation commitment to reduce carbon footprint, Cairn is cutting dependence on more polluting sources of power and setting an important precedent in the industry," Cairn Oil & Gas said in a statement.

"The goal is to shift the complete AGI load to solar energy and make our world's longest continuously heated and insulated hydrocarbon carrying pipeline a greener and more efficient resource," it said.