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BJP works for development of all communities without prejudice: Irfan Ahmed

BJP works for development of all communities without prejudice: Irfan Ahmed

Bishnah, Dec 12: BJP works for development of all without any prejudice this was stressed by Irfan Ahmed, National Vice President BJP Minority Morcha while campaigning for BJP’s DDC candidate Sh. Dharmender Kumar at Bishnah.

Irfan Ahmad also conducted a door to door campaign with Inderjeet Singh Organizing Sec, District President H.S.Pammi, Deputy mayor Purnima Sharma, ex MLC Ramesh Arora, Ayodhya Gupta Incharge R S Pura district, Parvez malik General Secretary MM, Pala ji state executive member, Manu Mahajan State Organizer & Asif Gill DISTRICT President Jammu East.

Irfan Ahmed sought votes for the BJP candidate and said that only BJP is the party that works with the sole motive of development of all. He said that the majority of the schemes initiated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji provide direct benefit to the minorities and the communities which were oppressed and cornered earlier.

Irfan said that National Conference, Congress and People Democratic Party like political families have done grave injustice with the STs including Gujjars and Bakkarwals of the region.

He said that these parties lacked political will and more clearly to say that they deliberately did all the injustice to them all these long decades. They were made scape goats for their own benefits and leisures of their own personal families.

He vehemently appealed to the masses to vote for the BJP candidate so as to ensure the upliftment of all the persons belonging to the most deprived communities as well.