BJP's duplicity over liquor policy and minerals exposed: Ravinder Sharma

Listen to large scale protests over liquor shops- JKPCC

Jammu, June 09:- JKPCC has asked the government to listen to the genuine protests of people expressing large scale resentment over the opening of liquor shops in different localities in the Jammu region.

Taking a dig at the ruling BJP for its silence to the large scale protests over the mushroom opening of liquor shops in different residential localities, JKPCC Chief Spokesperson Ravinder Sharma Ex MLC said that the people of Jammu had not voted BJP for this kind of treatment and culture to promote the liquor trade and consumption for earning revenue only.

The series of protests by the people of different localities against the proposed locations of the opening of liquor shops expose the BJP's duplicity and gifts to the people of Jammu especially the city of temples. More and more people of different walks are up in the arms against the present dispensation's liquor policy, as pushing people to the drugs and liquor for the sake of more revenue is not the role of government especially in a welfare state.

The same BJP used to blame the earlier Kashmir based dispensations for hatching a conspiracy against Jammu. Pushing the Jammu region into liquor addiction owes an explanation now to the agitating people of Jammu for the present scenario when the shops are being opened in different localities in violations of norms.

He blamed the ruling BJP and the present dispensation for failure to check the liquor and mining mafia at the cost of the larger interests of the people and Youth of Jammu and Kashmir.

The locals dealing in these trades and business of minor minerals have been rendered jobless and almost wiped out for one or another way and deprived of their livelihood. Is this the way to bring prosperity amongst the people who had overwhelmingly supported BJP due to the trap of false promises by the ruling party?

JKPCC has asked the administration to listen to the genuine protests of the people regarding the violations of the laid down norms besides finding ways to resettle the uprooted people in these trades who were dependant for their livelihood on this business.