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BJP misused trust of J&K people by giving and taking away against their wishes:- Bhalla

JAMMU, March : JKPCC Working President on Saturday launched a scathing attack on the BJP government in J&K, alleging that every section of the society, including farmers, traders and government employees were fed up with this "anti-people" dispensation. Former Minister on Saturday held series of public meetings in Gandhi Nagar and Bhour Pind .He urged the people of J&K to get rid of the "anti-people" BJP government in J&K in the next Assembly polls. The situation in J&K is going from bad to worse," he alleged. "But once in power they went back on this promise," he said."The BJP government has no understanding of the consequences," he said. He called on Congress workers to take the message of party to every village and town in J&K, and told them to prepare for assembly elections, for which Congress would be a movement for bringing back the lost glory of erstwhile state". He said every section of the society is suffering from the wrong policies of the BJP-led government in J&K and people want to get rid of its misrule. He also said a steep rise in the prices of essential commodities has made the life of a common man difficult, while on the other hand, the unemployment rate has gone up. "Despite this, the government remains indifferent to the people's problems," Bhalla said.

Bhalla said that BJP government has made 2021 year of disappointment for the people especially youth by pushing Jammu and Kashmir towards identity, culture, jobs and land crises instead of pulling out from this crisis.He said that it is unfortunate that in Jammu & Kashmir jobs and land security is further being eroded under the garb of holistic development.He said that government should have further strengthened the provision of guarantee to provide jobs to local youth and jobs should not be of only labour but at all levels.

In all the private sectors 90 percent jobs be reserved for local youth in order to redress the genuine & just demand of the common youth of J&K.He said that BJP in 2021 also gave unprecedented price hike of essentials and people especially women folk are badly hit by price rise as it has become very difficult for our mothers and sisters to run their kitchens. He demanded statehood before elections so that genuine urges & aspirations of the people could be fulfilled and asked BJP not to put cart before the horse.

Criticizing the BJP Government, Bhalla alleged that the its policy of putting core political issues on the back burner did not auger well for the prospects of peace and stability within J&K. He claimed that recent decisions have created a sense of despondency and restlessness that could have far-reaching, adverse implications for the next generation. Jammu and Kashmir has witnessed a prolonged period of political unrest and turmoil. J&K cannot be starved of political engagement and initiatives to bring the disgruntled and disillusioned elements into the fold of our democratic processes and systems, he said.

Bhalla said the continued failure of BJP to articulate the need for political engagement with internal and external stakeholders is a threat to the fragile peace in J&K that has been earned after years of political persistence. Former Minister expressed utter disappointment over BJP Govt’s failure to touch burning issues of J&K and so far has not reached out to the common man to address public issues. Bhalla said BJP Govt is turning a blind eye towards the apprehensions and concerns of people of J&K, especially Jammu region. Taking a dig at Union Govt, Bhalla claimed that Jammu region is reeling under shortage of various basic requirements but Govt is unmoved.

Former Minister reminded BJP of fate of ambitious and prestigious developmental projects of Jammu where party did nothing in implementation of the flagship programmes. Bhalla regretted that people of the Jammu region are back stabbed by BJP leadership as the party has brazenly abandoned its core agenda and has adopted indifferent approach towards problems of the masses. He particularly mentioned the power water crisis in various areas following which general public going through extreme hardships to manage family affairs. The BJP government has crushed the sentiments of the J-K youth and trampled upon their aspirations. The youth have been belittled and betrayed," he said.

Bhalla claimed that so far BJP rule has been of “mismanagement, immense despair and agony” and the country today stands at a stage where the common people are suffering from the wounds inflicted by the government whereas Congress has been continuing its efforts to listen to grievances of aggrieved people in various areas of J&K. He said politics of disorientation and false propaganda have become the hallmark of the functioning of the Modi government. He said that the seventh year of Modi government stands at a stage where the citizens of the country are forced to suffer the countless wounds and ruthless insensitivity inflicted by the government,” he charged.