BJP Kissan Morcha holds meet with Gujjar Community of Birpur

BJP Kissan Morcha holds meet with Gujjar Community of Birpur

SAMBA, October 30 : Jammu Kashmir UT BJP Kissan Morcha President Omi khajuria visited Birpur Lower Panchayat  District Samba and meets local Farmers and Gujjar community Farmers, welcomed by Traditional "PAGDI"  and discuss the  important information about the Farmers Bill recently moved and passed through  Supreme Parliament.

First time in Indian History  When  Such  Bills  were  introduced  Specially  for  the  betterment  of the  Farmers, where  Farmers  can  increase  their  income  rapidly by using  modern  technic  during  Farming. Khajuria further said that past governments in India  just mislead  the  Farmers over the value of MSP and  purchased the actual yield on a very low price. Due to lack of education and without any  awareness, past governments  really  made  them fool. But now  things   are moved and now our  Farmers  are much  educated  and can understand, can use  their  efficiency in all  the field.

Omi Khajuria said that the Bills propose to create a System in which the Farmers and traders can sell their purchase outside the Mandis. Further it also encouraged intra-state trade and this proposes to reduce the cost of Transportation.

The Farmers and Gujjar community people thanked the decision of Hon'ble Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji and said that this was their very old demand which has now been fulfilled.

BJP State KM Vice-President Harbans Chowdhary, State KM Media Secretary Vijay Sharma, Vice-President Kissan Morcha Mandeep Choudhary, Kissan Morcha General Secretary Rohit Verma, Mohit Raina, Pranav Khajuria, Updesh Kundal, Sunil Kumar, Kala Chowdhury, Riaz, Salman, Ahmed Khan, Abdul Kareem and other Farmers were Present.