BJP insulted Maharaja Hari Singh by introducing new land law: Uday Chib

BJP insulted Maharaja Hari Singh by introducing new land law: Uday Chib

JAMMU, Nov 7: J&K Pradesh Youth Congress (JKPYC) today stage protest against the new land laws notified by the Centre for the Jammu and Kashmir. Led by Uday Bhanu Chib, President J&KPYC, the activists assembled outside the Party’s Head Office in Jammu and raised slogans against the BJP led Government at the Centre for its failure to protect the land rights of people of Jammu and Kashmir. Talking to reporters here, Uday Chib strongly condemned the repealing of the J&K land laws and stripping the permanent residents of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh of exclusive right to acquire and hold immovable property. Uday said that the move was a design to dis-empower the people of J&K further and put their land on sale for corporations. It is a daylight robbery of land in the name of integration, development and security, he added.

“The amendments introduced in Land Revenue Act are unacceptable to people of Jammu and Kashmir. The previous land law in erstwhile J&K state guaranteed by Maharaja Hari Singh gave full protection to people, which have been abolished in an unconstitutional and undemocratic way. The law now introduced was aiming to dis-empower people, which is not only unfortunate, but a serious matter and must be nullified in order to put an end to the fear and chaos that has struck the people in shape of new land law,” Uday said.

Chib asserted that the state subject law had been conceptualized by the Maharaja Hari Singh as far back as in 1927 and operationalized in the entire erstwhile Jammu and Kashmir State so as to provide protection to the lands and jobs of the residents of J&K which had unfortunately been abolished by an unconcerned regime at the centre, terming it an insult to the vision of Maharaja Hari Singh.

Uday slammed the BJP Government for betrayed the people of J&K by introducing the new land law as time and again they (J&K people) were assured that their right to land and jobs shall be protected at all costs. Any laws, which do not safeguard the interests and rights of people of J&K, would be unacceptable to the Congress Party, he said.

“The Youth Congress vows to fight for the protection of people's rights and always sought the restoration of statehood with constitutional safeguards for lands and jobs and will intensify its struggle,” Chib said. Among those who joined the protest include Ricky Dalotra , Nimrandeep Singh, Ranjeet Chopra Jkpyc General Secretaries,Vishal Chopra and Jahazaib Sirwal, Jkpyc spokesperson,, Latish Sharma , Ranjoot Singh ,  Barinder Partap, Divyansh Jamwal, Jagjot Singh Jkpyc secretaries, Rahul Tandon DYC President (W),  Manav Choudhary, Baber Ali DYC Vice Presidents, Sunny Jatt,  Happy Randhawa , Manu AYC Presidents , Rajeev kashyap ,Atul sharma ,Abhishek, Balram, Rohit Heer, Mohan , lal, Monty, Raghu, Sanjeev ,Vikram , Alok and others.