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BJP habitual of raising emotional slogans and false promises only to achieve power: Bhalla

A large number of eligible families are still deprived of Rs 5.5 lakh installment after assuring further installments

R.S.Pura, April 09: JKPCC Working President Raman Bhalla has said that Congress will stage a comeback in J&K in the coming assembly elections.

He was addressing a meeting of prominent persons of Simbal Camp on Saturday organized by Congress leader Harcharan Singh Bablu.

On the occasion, Bhalla was accorded grand reception and garlanded by a number of people. The issues of farmers, residents of border areas, refugees of 1947, 1965, and 1971, unemployed youth, SCs/STs and OBCs and favoritism, nepotism in jobs, dominated the deliberations.

They shared their views about the prevailing political situation in J&K and their respective areas. They apprised the former Minister about the issues of different sections which need to be given priority when the party comes to power. Prominent among those present on the occasion include Sajjan Singh (President Transport Cell JKPCC) Amrit Bali (Chairman Refugees Cell JKPCC & Block President) Rajinder Singh Nathu (Ex-Sarpanch) Karamjit Singh Billa(Panch) President Panch Association) Rajinder Singh Raju (Brick kiln) Harvinder Singh (Naib Sarpanch)Mohan Singh (Panch) Manjit Singh Bawa(Panch) Paramjeet Singh Pumma(Panch) Gurvinder Singh Kala(Panch) Hansraj ji (Panch) Tajinder Singh (Panch) Krishnan Singh Billa (Ex-panch) Manmohan Singh (Panch) Prithpal Singh Laddi, Swaran Singh and Iqbal Singh(Congress leader).

Speaking on the occasion, Bhalla said that Congress is the only alternative available to the people in J&K and people have made up their minds to bring back Congress to power. The people of Jammu have experienced that BJP has cheated them on different emotional slogans and false promises only to achieve power but back-tracked on all those issues for the sake of sharing power.

The BJP exploited the people with different slogans in the name of religion, regions, and castes but it was a tool to seek votes through emotional issues. He said that Modi Govt failed utterly on the J&K front and the prevailing political and security scenario is an example of total failure of the Centre Govt as well as the previous BJP Govt which left the erstwhile state in total chaos and mess on all fronts.

Asking the party rank and file to expose the misdeeds and failures of the BJP to educate the masses whose problems have been complicated besides disturbing the social and secular fabric of J&K, he said Congress alone can ensure justice to all sections and regions of J&K and take along all sections of the society.

Bhalla accused the BJP government habitual of raking up controversies to divert the attention of the people from their failure to provide a credible government in J&K. Government is creating controversies as per a pre-planned strategy in order to keep the people engaged and to divert the attention of people from the utter failure of the government in J&K.

Expressing concern about the overall situation created by the "policies of exploitation" by the BJP, he said that the present government has "vitiated the atmosphere of peace and harmony due to their wrong policies. Priority of this regime is not to empower people by strengthening democratic institutions but those at the helm of affairs want to accomplish their nefarious designs by controlling such institutions through undemocratic means”, he observed and cautioned that such attitude of the ruling party would be proved disastrous for people of J&K. This government has miserably failed to live up to the expectations of the people. There is a strong resentment among the people against this government as it has not fulfilled its promises made at the time of Assembly elections,” Bhalla said.

“There is anger among people. BJP has played with the sentiments of the people who voted them to power. People are not happy with their policies and the government has proved to be a failure. We have taken to the streets against governance deficit, lack of development and failure of the government to deliver on the promises made to the people of the Jammu and Kashmir,” Bhalla said. J&K is at the crossroads of history with opportunistic BJP presiding over its destiny, the politically matured people will have to change the discourse by isolating reactionary elements," he said.

Highlighting the crucial role played by the people of Jammu in promoting and sustaining secular ethos even during the most testing times, Bhalla called for a "decisive battle against divisive forces, who have taken center stage by exploiting regional and religious sentiments to further their myopic and nefarious agenda. "This can be possible only by forging unity and further strengthening the bonds of amity," he said.

Bhalla said the challenges being faced by Jammu and Kashmir were manifold, especially in the wake of "hate politics" being promoted by the BJP Govt, as a shield to hide its "failures on all fronts"."Communal politics is against the secular ethos of Jammu and Kashmir and those perpetrating it are doing a disservice to the people," he said, adding that his party would continue to cleanse degenerated political atmosphere by strengthening the secular fabric, which is the cornerstone of J&K. Bhalla accused the BJP government of plunging J&K into unprecedented political uncertainty by failing to maintain law and order, adopting anti-people policies and indulging in politics of hate."

The present dispensation has failed in meeting challenges faced by people of J&K," he said. The former Minister made a fervent appeal to the people for maintaining peace, amity, and tranquility, saying this will be a befitting rebuff to the divisive forces.

Asking the BJP to explain why it has failed in keeping up the promises made to the people and failing the Jammu region on all fronts, Bhalla said "Not only in jobs to the educated unemployed youth, the BJP has brought the engine of development to a grinding halt thus pushing Jammu and its people to the wall. He cautioned the BJP against whipping up passions on communal lines. He said that BJP must introspect and then sit on a judgment about others. Bhalla said the divisive politics is dangerous for the diverse Jammu and Kashmir, which is known for its inclusive character the world over. "The people of Jammu have seen through the divisive game plan of these divisive forces and they will never oblige the hate mongers this time, he said adding that BJP stands exposed for its anti-poor and anti-youth policies and these are the segments which are going to punish the party in the upcoming elections for ditching Jammu's interest.

Bhalla also strongly raised the issue of POJK refugees who feel cheated and betrayed. It was the Congress party that had framed a package of POJK and Chhamb refugees and forwarded it to the Centre Govt. but instead of Rs.30 lakh per family, only Rs 5.5 lakh per family was sanctioned by BJP Govt. but that too has been stopped. It is totally arbitrary and anti refugees approach of the Modi Govt., as a large number of eligible families are still deprived of Rs 5.5 lakh installment while people were assured further installments.

There is total betrayal with the displaced community and demand that the full package is immediately sanctioned for them while the existing relief scheme should be continued till the last eligible family gets the claim amount.

He said that the package of one-time settlement of refugees of 1947, 1965, and 1971 comprising financial assistance/ex-gratia relief of Rs 25 lakhs per family amounting to over Rs 9000 crore along with several other concessions including reservation to their wards was recommended by the previous Congress- government to the Centre, after a hot pursuit by the Congress and various organization of refugees.

The BJP which promised to ensure one-time settlement of refugees for PoK including from the Chhamb area, Mirpur, Poonch, and Muzaffarabad districts under illegal occupation of Pak has betrayed them after assuming power both at the Centre and sharing the same in J&K.