BJP destroyed identity, status and rights of people

BJP destroyed identity, status and rights of people

Only Congress can fight arbitrary style of functioning of BJP govt: Bhalla

Sunderbani, 16 December, 2020: Former Minister & Vice President JKPCC Shri Raman Bhalla said that BJP government is deliberately delaying the holding of early assembly elections and restoration of full statehood to J&K and asked people to send signal to the centre government in the DDC elections.

Addressing a largely attended public meeting at Marchola today alongwith PCC Chief Spokesperson and former MLC Ravinder Sharma, Mr. Bhalla said that BJP is avoiding holding of early assembly elections to give an elected government to people and restore the statehood, disbanded and downgraded to UT against the wishes of the people.

BJP has destroyed the identity, status and rights of the people. The people should give a strong signal to the centre that people are annoyed with the BJP’s actions and failure of their leaders who were elected by the people with great expectations.

He said that only Congress can fight the arbitrary style of functioning of the BJP government, Shri Bhalla said that BJP has ruined the future of youth, farmers and common people by its wrong policies and programmes in J&K.

The jobs have been opened up for outsiders, while land is available for sale at the cost of locals. He said that people of J&K and other states can’t buy lands in the neighboring state Himachal Pradesh due to legal restrictions while BJP leaders from Himachal Pradesh are canvassing in Jammu and convincing people about benefits of new land laws and job norms.

Urging people to vote against BJP and elect the Congress supported Independent candidate Arun Sharma in Sunderbani constituency, Shri Bhalla said that only Congress can fight the wrong policies and politics of diversion and hate of the BJP in the whole country.

He said that unity in diversity is the basic strength of our nation and long settled principle of Congress party. Shri Bhalla said that Congress party committed to fight the divisive and opportunist policies of BJP as the ruling party is hell bent to destroy the secular fabric of the nation for its vote bank politics.

All those who realize the failures of BJP on various fronts and the wrong narrators and falsehood of BJP should vote to defeat BJP. He said that Congress has extended support to the independent candidate Arun Sharma, who has been exposing the failures and falsehood of BJP and lack of development in the area.

He lauded the role of local party leadership to give united fight to the BJP in the area. He also appreciated the former MLC Ravinder Sharma for ensuring massive development and sanctioning of various major projects in Sunderbani-Nowshera during previous Congress-NC regime.

Bhalla further said that country had witnessed tremendous development in all spheres of life under the UPA regime including in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. The negative campaign against the Congress is only to divert the attention of people from the achievements of Congress government in every spheres of life including road network, hospitals, education and other pro-poor schemes which have benefited the cross sections of the society.

He said that the politics of the hatred is a dangerous campaign for the country and urged the people to reject the communal and divisive forces and strengthen the secular and progressive forces in order to strengthen the unity and integrity of the nation and the state.

He said that foundation of this country has been laid on secular ideals which is strength of our nation and we should not allow to weaken this at any cost and urged the people to reject such kind of forces who are posing threat to the secular fabric of the nation.

Bhalla demanded permanent solution to the sufferings of border area people in view of continue cease fire violations and hostility of Pakistan towards India. He said hilly areas are facing developmental deficit due to poor governance by the previous state government and present central government,” he said.

Former Minister hit out at the BJP for misleading people on every count just to remain in power and that is why BJP is not caring about urges and aspirations of the people. He further said that BJP will never succeed to implementing their communal and divisive agenda neither in the country nor in J&K as people of J&K are mature enough see through their game plan.

Bhalla said previous Government failed to redress grievances and sufferings of the people living in far flung areas and people of these areas were made to suffer for all basic services. He said the BJP Government was unaware of the problems and issues of the people in the rural area and did not take any steps to mitigate them during their tenure.

Bhalla said communication gap between citizens and the administration was biggest hurdle in the process of development and largely remained unaddressed. There is strong resentment against previous Govt. for the attitude of total neglect of the area. Majority of the people is poor and deprived of the basic amenities.

Poor road network, lack of drinking water and power supply, poor health care facilities, shortage of doctors, severe shortage of ration, non-availability of teachers in schools are the issues being confronted by the hapless public.

Bhalla blamed the BJP for failing to create congenial peaceful atmosphere and rather they are creating social and political disorder after having failed to control the worst security situation on borders as well as in the Valley.

He further said that people are fed up from all the parties who always cheated them in the name of development. Their leaders failed to fulfill promises made with people before elections.

Chief Spokesperson JKPCC & Former MLC Shri Ravinder Sharma referred to the number of projects got sanctioned by him during his tenure including Degree College at Sunderbani, two major hospitals, five BDO blocks, three tehsils, five niabats, 52 crore irrigation project, industrial estate and fruit mandi etc.

Mr. Sharma said several such initiatives are stand still due to neglect of BJP government. Mr. Sharma said that all major projects in Nowshera constituency are the gift of Congress while BJP only gave false slogans and laid foundation stones. He appealed people to show mirror to BJP for total neglect of people.

Shri Arun Sharma candidate Sunderbani in an impressive speech asked people to give him a chance to serve them and expose BJP’s false slogans. He expressed gratitude to the Congress party and Shri Ravinder Sharma Ex-MLC for extending support to him to get elected as BDC Chairman and now for DDC elections and said that he will stand with him and fight against the wrong policies of BJP leaderships especially neglecting the development of the area.

He said that he will deliver to the expectations of his people and shall remain with them through thick and thin.

Prominent political persons who joined the Congress party on the occasion include Th. Kulveer Singh, Vikram Singh, Sdr. Fateh Singh, Surjit Singh, Nachhatar Singh alongwith their supporters.Block President Dwarka Nath Sharma, Roshan Lal Prasher, Vassnoo Dass, Yog Raj Sharma, Arshad Mehmood, DFO N. C. Sharma, Sub. Om Parkash, Sdr. Ajit Singh, Suraj Raina, Dr. Deep Sharma, Ex-Surpanch Om Parkash, Sat Paul Damral, Jai Ram Sharma, Vinod Sharma, Adv. Bhavishya, Ashok Kumar, Vishav Sharma, Om Parkash Sharma, Anil Kumar, Sanjay Sharma, Sonu Kohli, ZEO Shamsher, Sarwan Dass, Sheetal Rani, Novel Kumar and Pinka Praher were prominent on the occasion.