Army organises awareness and registration camp on COVID-19 vaccination in Rajouri

Jammu June 11: To mitigate the effects of the second wave of COVID-19 outbreak, the Indian Army has also speeded up its efforts to save the lives of people from this infectious virus. To increase awareness about vaccination, Territorial Army Battalion in coordination with Galuthi Medical Department carried out a registration camp for the local populace of Galuthi in District Rajouri (J&K).

The aim of this registration camp was to facilitate the registration of as many locals as possible for the third phase of vaccination on application and spread the word in adjoining areas about the facility.

The attendees were also briefed about regular viral fever due to changing weather, which people mistakenly relate to COVID-19 and create a panic situation. The locals were advised to take preventive measures like drinking warm water, kadha (herbal drink) and use of steaming.

The locals expressed their desire that such Vaccination Registration Camp must be conducted at other places also so that the entire area is benefited from this initiative. The Registration Camp was attended by 30 locals out of which 20 were registered.