Army holds lecture on COVID-19 awareness & General Health issues at Palma in District Rajouri

Jammu, August 14: On account of lockdown restrictions and in order to maintain social distancing, the Indian army organised an online lecture for students of GHS, (J&K).

The lecture was focused on increasing awareness about the prevailing situation of the COVID-19 pandemic. The students were informed about the COVID-19 pandemic. The students were informed about COVID-19 outbreaks and basic preventive measures such as social distancing, health and hygiene issues including washing of hands, wearing double masks, use of sanitisers and avoiding social gatherings.

Through the online, students were also educated about the online procedures to register their parents for the third phase of the vaccination drive and the increased duration of minimum 84 days between the first and second dose of vaccine. All attendees applauded the efforts of the Indian Army.