ACB charge sheets 5 revenue Officials, ‘Mahant’ for fraudulent sale of Temple land in Jammu

ACB produced charge-sheet against Dalip Singh the then Patwari, revenue officials and others in Case FIR No. 04/2011

Anti Corruption Bureau produced charge-sheet against Dalip Singh the then Patwari Muthi, Manohar Singh the then Naib Tehsildar Muthi Shanti Saroop then Tehsildar (AR) Jammu (Expired), Surinder Gupta the then Tehsildar Jammu (Expired) Babu Ram, the then Patwari Muthi (Expired) Mahant Bawa Ram Milan Dass Chilla Baba Khem Dass and Damodar Dass.

The instant case was registered on 21.02.2011 on the basis of verification conducted into the allegations leveled by the complainant. During the course of investigation it was established that that Baba Shri Ram Milan Dass (Mahant) was Pujari /custodian of the temple “Thakur Dwara Shri Ram Janki Pracheen Mandir, Udheywala, Jammu” had no authority or competence to alienate/ transfer/lease out the land belonging to the said temple but Mahant Baba Ram Milan Dass in order to take undue benefit to himself and wrongful loss to the temple hatched a criminal conspiracy with the other accused persons mentioned above. The accused revenue officers/officials issued the revenue extracts for execution of sale and lease deeds illegally and later on entered and attested mutations of different pieces of land.

This action on their part individually as well as collectively was found to be illegal and sheer abuse of their official positions and powers in order to confer undue benefit to Mahant Bawa Ram Milan Dass and wrongful loss to the temple which fully constitute the commission of criminal misconduct as defined under the provisions of the PC Act Under a well-knit conspiracy plan the accused persons disposed of 150 kanals of land belonging to the temple situated in villages Muthi and Paloura.