8 Movies That Prove Shahrukh Khan Is the Real Badshah of Bollywood

“Palat...Palat..” True Shahrukh Khan fans will always turn their heads whenever he is on the screen. As a young man, Shahrukh Khan made his debut in 1988 in the TV series, Fauji, only to go on to become one of the biggest global icons. With no Godfather in the film verse, he made his own identity and paved his way. Many actors have come and gone, but the excitement SRK incites among his fans is unlike any other. His charm and acting skills are unbeatable, making him one of the most celebrated actors on the big screen. King Khan is a versatile actor who made sure that his roles impacted the lives of his fans.

Here are eight SRK movies that are the epitome of versatile roles:

  • Darr

I love You KKKK….Kiran”

Shahrukh Khan left the audience thrilled when he took on the role of an obsessed lover in Darr. The movie, which became a superhit, tells the story of Rahul Mehra (Shahrukh Khan), who is inflicted with rage when Kiran Awasthi (Juhi Chawla), the love of his life, falls for Sunil Malhotra (Sunny Deol). Every actor splendidly played their roles, but Darr belongs to Shahrukh Khan.

  • Devdas

“Babuji ne kaha gaon chhod do… sab ne kaha Paro ko chhod do… Paro ne kaha sharab chhod do… aaj tumne keh diya haweli chhod do … ek din aayega jab woh kahenge, duniya hi chhod do”

In Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s retelling of Devdas, Shahrukh Khan plays the titular role of Devdas, a London returned lawyer, who after being heartbroken over losing his childhood sweetheart Paro (Aishwarya Rai Bachchan) to another man, seeks refuge in the arms of alcohol and a kind courtesan Chandramukhi (Madhuri Dixit) before eventually dying alone. While the audiences fondly remember the music and the dola re dola of the Aishwarya-Madhuri deadly duo, they also rave about Shahrukh Khan’s performance of an enthusiastic young man slowly devolving into an alcoholic.

  • Swades

"Main nahi manta hamara desh duniya ka sabse mahaan desh hai. Lekin yeh zaroor manta hoon ki hum mein kaabliyat hai, taaqat hai, apne desh ko mahaan banane ki."

Swadesh has to be one of the most underrated patriotic movies in Bollywood. SRK plays the role of Mohan Bhargav, a scientist working at NASA who comes back to his village searching for his nanny. But soon realises that he has to serve his country and make it a better place to live. The film espoused serving one’s country above all else.

  • Asoka

Yudh ka ek hi niyam hota hai ... vijay!

Asoka is one of Shahrukh Khan’s most ambitious epic historical dramas. He played the role of the third century Maurya Emperor Ashoka during the early parts of his life. While the movie has taken creative liberties, one thing that is 100% accurate is that the film served as a platform for SRK to push his limits as a performer.

  • My Name Is Khan:

My name is Khan

And I am not a terrorist.”

Absent of large sets, glittering cameos and thumping item songs, My Name is Khan, undoubtedly, pushed the envelope of the stories Shahrukh Khan could be associated with. He played the role of Rizwan Khan, a Muslim man living with Asperger’s Syndrome in post 9/11 America. He gets married to Mandira (Kajol), but their world topples when bullies kill Mandira’s son, who takes on Khan’s last name after their marriage. Rizwan takes on a journey to meet the US President to deliver the message ‘My Name is Khan, and I am not a terrorist’ and helping people along the way. With his extraordinary performance, Shahrukh Khan expanded his International Fan base and proved to everyone that he is the ‘King of Romance’ and the ‘King of Versatility.

6. Ra.One

Achche log marr jaate hai ... unki achchai hamesha zinda rehti hai”

The movie revolves around the plot where Shekhar (Shahrukh Khan) wants to win the love of his son (Armaan Verma) who thinks villains are cooler. So, Shekhar creates the ultimate clash between good and evil. Good robot G-One (Shahrukh Khan) fights against the robot Ra-One (Arjun Rampal) and thereafter the movie picks its pace. While the movie didn’t hit the right note at the box office, one thing that grabbed a lot of viewers’ attention was the top-notch VFX by SRK owned company Red Chillies Entertainment. This movie raised the bar for everyone and was the ‘Big Daddy’ of all VFX movies in India at the time. And how can one forget the hit party number ‘chammak challo’? This song was international singer Akon’s first-ever collaboration with Indian vocalists.

7. Om Shanti Om

Kehte hain agar kisi cheez ko dil se chaho..

To puri Kainaat usse tumse milane ki Koshish mei Lag jati hai”

The movie is a reincarnation saga where the past of a Junior artist Om Prakash Makhija creeps into the present of star kid Om Kapoor. Shahrukh did justice to both the roles by taking us on a journey from the retro times to the glamorous modern times. One thing that grabbed a lot of the viewers’ attention was the “six-pack abs'' of SRK at the age of 42, which he flaunted in the superhit song “Dil Mei Mere Hai Darde Disco”. It showcased Shahrukh’s commitment towards his work and proved that age is just a number.

  • Zero

“Sitaron Ke khwaab dekhne walon ,

Hamne to chand ko kareeb se dekha hai.”

Shahrukh Khan played the role of a little person in Zero, which was quite challenging because every scene had to be shot five times. A lot of effort was put in by the VFX team so that every scene on the big screen was made believable.

Shahrukh Khan is known for his witty candor while being totally adorable all at once. Let’s admit everyone wants to be Shahrukh Khan but there is only one. And he is the best!