6 Reasons Why You Should Adopt A Stray Dog

People generalize stray dogs to be much worse than purebred dogs. Stray dogs are the same as other dogs. It's just their circumstances which are much worse. Adopting a dog is good but adopting a stray dog is the best thing one can do. By this, you will add up your bit for humanity and save a life.

1. Robust Immunity-

Street Dogs have stronger immunity than pure breeds. As they are cross-bred, the chances of inherited diseases are very minimal. They are generally immune from virals and chronic diseases.

2. Strong Perception And Intelligence

Stray dogs are raised up independently without care and affection, so they exhibit exceptional intelligence. They understand human gestures without training, making them stand out from the pure breed.

3. Cost Effective-

Pedigree dogs are expensive to own. They come up with high maintenance charges. However, adopting a street dog is economical. Even they are well versed in the Indian hot and humid climate, so it's easy for them to survive.

4. Loyalty

Stray dogs are known for their territorial attitude. They stick around with you for a lifetime if you feed them once. They will instantly bond with you, which means they will even put their life to protect you.

5. Social Responsibility

For ages, dogs have coexisted with humans, so it's the social responsibility of every citizen to adopt one stray dog, which will automatically reduce the menace of their growing population. If someone is friendly to them, they will not stop the person from touching them, which will be easy to sterilize and vaccinate them.

6. Good Samaritan

You are becoming a life saviour by feeding and caring for the stray. It will set an excellent example in society, motivating others to adopt. This step will indirectly help to stop these inhumane puppy mills, which those breeders run to cash profits.