• Bhavika Chopra

6 Must Haves For Your Office OOTD

It’s very important to dress professionally while working in an office as it helps in leaving a good impression and also makes you feel confident about yourself.

Whether you have recently joined a workplace and are confused about dressing up for your first day at the office or just want to change things up, here are 6 must buy office essentials that can be your saviour.

A blazer

A Black or a white blazer is a must-add when we talk about office essentials. It not only makes you look confident but also adds that corporate look everyone wishes for.

A Tote Bag

To keep all your office essentials intact, you should carry a Tote bag. It helps to keep everything organized and also makes moving around easier. Go for a bag which has good capacity so that you can keep your files and laptop also.

Wrist Watch

A wristwatch is a luxury in itself. It’s important to do time management in the office, so to meet all the deadlines well in time, wear your watch to the office every day. It also acts as a minimal accessory that gives you a polished look.

Comfortable Pumps

We all know how tiring it can get if we aren’t wearing the right footwear to the office. Instead of buying pointy heels, invest in a pair of work heels that are way more comfortable. Treat your feet nicely by going for neutral shade heels as they will complement your everyday office look.

Plain Black Dress

To avoid getting late while deciding what to wear to the office, go for a well-cut black dress. To add elegance and a touch of sophistication, dresses are a fantastic choice.

Computer Glasses

No matter how hard we try, one just cannot ignore the fact how adversely the rays from phones and laptops affect our eyes. To protect your eyes from long working hours while sitting in front of the computer go for computer glasses which have anti-glare and Blu-V lenses.