6 Indoor Plants To Add To Your Home

Greenery is a vital part of our lives and making space for the same can not only cheer up your homes but also provide many health benefits. If you feel that your house looks a little dull, you can add indoor plants to level up the aesthetic of your home. They also work as air purifiers and promote a positive mood, along with enhancing beauty.

Here are 6 indoor plants to add to your living space

Snake Plant

Standing tall are snake plants, also referred to as Mother-in-law’s Tongue. These plants are easy to maintain and absorb poisonous gasses from the air, keeping the surroundings clean and fresh.

Aloe vera Plant

We all know the health benefits of aloe vera. But do you know that you can plant it indoors? You can place the aloe vera plant near the window as it loves sunlight but needs to water it once a week. With all the health benefits, aloe is a good low maintenance plant to have indoors. Grow your plant and get ready to enjoy its benefits.

Spider Plant

You can add a spider plant to your house to add a little dramatic flair. Place it on a hanging planter so that the plant has ample space to spread. It needs occasional watering and indirect sunlight, making it easy to maintain.

Small Succulents

The mesmerizingly beautiful succulent plants are a must add to your house. You can place them in your bedroom, kitchen, living room or washroom as they look aesthetically pleasing and are very easy to maintain. They require just a tiny amount of water every once in a while.

Bamboo Plants

Spruce up your house with some good luck. Add indoor bamboo plants where there is indirect light as it grows best in low light. Along with supposedly bringing good fortune to the household, it also works as a natural air purifier.


Add a pop of colour to your house by adding the pink tradescantia. This low maintenance plant just needs indirect sunlight. Just keep in mind to keep the plant at an angle of 60 to 80 degrees so that it blooms fully.