5 Highly Relatable Cheems Memes

If you’re an Instagram addict, chances are that you might have come across a Shiba Inu dog from Hong Kong. He is called Cheems because he likes cheeseburgers and uses the letter m in every word which is a famous thing in the memesverse.

Fun fact: Shiba Inu dogs are an "ancient" Japanese breed that was used as hunters.

Here is a list of relatably funny memes based on Cheems situations in the meme world:

  • Cheems going to try new restaurants but choosing only one thing on the menu

  • Cheems spreading awareness about COVID-19 protocols

  • Cheems when the paparazzi hounds him

  • When Doge (Cheems’ Friend) goes out of the way to make Cheems feel special

  • When Cheems fail even after cheating in an online exam