5 Health Benefits of Intermittent Fasting

When a person is on a diet, he focuses on what to eat, but intermittent Fasting is all about when to eat. While intermittent Fasting, you have to fast for 16 hours and can eat in a window of eight hours. This can help your body burn fat, and there are some scientific health benefits of it.

Here are six touted benefits of Intermittent Fasting-

1. Weight Loss

Many people follow intermittent Fasting to lose weight. When the diet is appropriately done, Intermittent Fasting can be as effective as regular caloric restriction. Some people are too occupied with work and don't have time for meal planning, and they find this time-restricted diet easier to follow.

2. Reduces Blood Pressure

Intermittent Fasting helps in reducing blood pressure in a short time. Healthy blood pressure is important; otherwise, it will affect the brain, eyes and kidneys.

3. Boosted Brain Function

It is said that Intermittent Fasting helps in the better functioning of the brain. It doesn't seem to lead to short-term cognition benefits among healthy people but also guards against neurological disorders.

4. Cancer Protection

It is believed that Intermittent Fasting can help prevent cancer cells from growing and spreading. An article published in November 2021 in CA: A Cancer Journal for Clinicians notes that more high-quality randomized clinical trials are needed to confirm this association.

5. Increased Longevity

Few studies show that Intermittent Fasting extends lifespan in animals as Fasting seems to build resistance to age-related diseases. As these studies are promising, they haven't been replicated in human studies.

6. Better Sleep

It is believed that Intermittent Fasting helps to get a better night's sleep as eating in this pattern won't disturb the night's sleep, and you wake up refreshed.