Fair selection in JK CCE eye-opener for those opposing repealing of Art 370: Abhinav Sharma

‘Earlier Abdullahs, Muftis decide contents of selection lists’

JAMMU, January 24: Abhinav Sharma Spokesperson BJP J&K on Sunday asserted that the fair selection in Jammu and Kashmir Combined Competition Examination is an  eye-opener for those opposing abrogation of Article 370 because during the existence of this contentious Article of Constitution selection lists for job aspirants were finalized by Abdullahs and Muftis.

In statement issued to media persons, the BJP leader said that BJP Government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi has ensured a discrimination-free selection procedure in the Combined Competition Examinations delivering justice to the people of Jammu for the first time in the history of the region as earlier the contents of such lists were changed more than once to adjust blue-eyed hailing from Valley and giving a slip to genuine aspirants from Jammu region who had toiled hard to achieve the feat.

The BJP Spokesperson said that now three siblings from a single family hailing from Jammu region have got through the same exam showing the difference between the times when there was Article 370 and now when the same has been made null and void by the BJP dispensation led by PM Modi. He said that one could say by affirmation now that the era of discrimination with Jammu has gone and the BJP dispensation has ensured a fair deal for one and all in J&K. He asserted that under the present regime both the regions i.e., Jammu and Kashmir are getting equal development and share without any discrimination.

“On the same lines, earlier selection processes which were initiated on account of extraneous consideration nepotism and favoritism were never investigated and the blue eyed personnel were selected and appointed whereas after scrapping of Article 370 many tainted selections have been cancelled and investigation handed over to a premier agency,” he said, adding that people by now would have understood well that it is only BJP which can ensure fair deal to all in the Union Territory as all other political outfits have been exposed on various counts at different points of time in the past as far as dubious selections and partial deals are concerned.

The senior BJP leader said that only BJP can ensure a government in J&K which is free from prejudice and can guarantee a fair deal to all whether it is recruitment process, allotment of seats in professional colleges or anything else. He said that Article 370 was the main bottleneck in making J&K a place where justice should prevail as the political class, which was biased, and lopsided used this contentious Article for its convenience by fooling the common person especially those belonging to Jammu Province and Ladakh region.