13th National Voters Day Celebrated at GDC Khansahib

BUDGAM, JANUARY 25: The Electoral Literacy Club of Govt. Degree College Khansahib today organised a webinar to commemorate 13th National Voters Day, here.

At the outset, Principal of the College Dr. Nargis Bano highlighted the significance of celebrating the National Voters Day. She thanked the ELC for organising the programme and making the presence of students possible during the winter.

Thereafter, Prof. Musadiq Hussain Qureshi delivered a speech on the theme “Significance of Voting in a Democracy with Special Reference to India”. He said Voting in India is a constitutional right and people should vote enthusiastically and exhibit a sense of responsibility by doing so.

Prof. Musadiq said there is a tendency among voters to treat the voting day as a day of rest but they blame elected candidate or political system quite easily when things go wrong.

People have rather a duty to strengthen the democratic roots and bring about a change in the system, just as it is the responsibility of the elected leader to fulfill the well-beings of the voters, the same is the need for the people of India to contribute to choosing the correct leader for their representation, he added.

In recent years, there is a considerable rise in the voting percentage and people truly love to be the ‘Change Makers’.

Then the ‘Voters Pledge’ was also administered by Principal.

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